Sex Doll — prepare to be one

Sex Doll makeover, baby.  You’ve earned it.  You thought your little pranks during our childhood were funny.  And you thought I’d never ever get back at you because I was just your stupid little sister.  Well, now you’re laying down on a bed in a room with no windows and a pair of 36 FF tits on your chest.  Where are you?  How did you get here?  Well…when you visited, I DID tell you not to touch my chocolate cake on the counter.  I guess you didn’t listen, because it’s kept you knocked out for a while now.  How long?  Long enough for me to transform you completely.  Well…not completely.  Not yet anyway.

You’re going to help me pay for college

Now, this isn’t just a prank to be mean.  It actually serves a function.  I need help paying off my student loans.  I figured a thousand bucks would get you a tit job with the right people.  So I guess they went a little overboard but, after I told them how you treated me, I don’t blame them.  And a special pill I’ve been giving you has been hard at work making your pecker shrink.

Don’t make that face.  You should be happy you still have one.  That does mean that one of your holes is going to have to pull double duty.  Oh yes.  We’re getting to that.  Something’s gotta pay for that tit job.  Something’s got to pay for my college.  And knowing how much of a jerk you are, I doubt anyone will miss you.  There is already a line of customers ready to break your little virgin holes in.

Of course, you could fight me on this…

Threaten to bite your clients and whatnot.  All that’s going to do is make me lower the price, meaning you’ll be in here even longer.  Is that what you want, bro?  If you wanna get out of here faster, you’re going to have to suck and fuck like a pro, bitch.  What do you mean this isn’t funny?  I’m laughing my ass off!

You’re in for a hard night of rough sex.  Think you could handle it?  Call my phone sex line and prove it!

Cum Eating Phone Sex