Cuckold anal guide to being useful

Cuckold anal.  Those words should never be separated really.  A husband with a teeny tiny dick has only one use to his wife and that’s as a cunt cleaner.  Someone’s got to suck up all of that cum so that you don’t end up having to take care of someone else’s baby.  Especially if the baby is half-black.  However, if your mouth is busy cleaning me out, how are you making yourself useful to the man who is fucking your wife in the first place?  He’s standing behind you, ready for round two, and you’re taking forever.  Something is going to have to keep him entertained in the meantime.

Enter your asshole; literally.  We both knew it was going to happen eventually.  He’s made you his bitch with your mouth already.  Is it such an extreme leap to have the other hole put to good use now?  Someone’s got to milk it while I’m busy.

I know you’re thinking, “I could never fit that thing inside of me!  Nothing has even been in there before!”

Well I have good news, baby.  My boyfriends don’t give a fuck.  They will make it fit.  So you can either stubbornly refuse to get your ass ready with butt plugs, or you can be forced on your belly and fucked raw by cocks that START at 10 inches.  Now those dildos I bought you are started to look pretty damn good, huh?

Don’t worry, though.  I won’t think any less of you for prepping your ass for Alpha cock lol.  Is that even possible?  With a dick THAT small, getting fucked in the ass is the least of your problems.  You’re finally being useful for once.  You’re making me AND my alpha boyfriends so happy.

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