Girlfriend cuckold comes home to after the party.

Girlfriend cuckold boys like yourself don’t always get to watch.  Sometimes you’re forced to take a walk or see a movie while your girl entertains her friends.  You can barely recall plotting to the movie you just spent three hours in because all you could think about was a big fat cock pounding her and choking her in your absence.  How loud must she be screaming?  The neighbors saw you leave so what must they be thinking when they hear her cries of pleasure?

Time to come home…

You open the door to silence.  He must be long gone.  But the scent of sex is heavy in the air.  They clearly didn’t keep it in the bedroom.  You spy a wet spot on the couch that wasn’t there before and wonder whose it is.  Is it hers or…his?  You get hard just thinking about it possibly being him.  You want to go over to it and suck on it to find out but first, you have to tell your girlfriend that your back.

You open the bedroom door and…

she’s laying on the bed, naked, in a stupor, and covered in jizz!  How did I manage to cum so much?  Then you slap your forehead as you come to realize that it wasn’t just one guy!  Your girlfriend had a real party in here and they made a huge mess of her.  Her pussy was so wide and gaping that you could see the cum in it from the door.  There were used condoms all around, too, obviously eventually abandoned in favor of filling her up to the brim.  One condom sticks out in particular.  Extra-large and fuller than the rest.  Out of curiosity, you try it on, just to see how big he must have been.  It’s still warm!  Your cock can’t even fill 1/8 of it.  Before you realize it, your puny cuck shot joins his stud load.

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