First time cuckold gets a taste of what he never knew he wanted

First time cuckold?  Admitting that you like seeing your woman get man-handled by another man can be scary.  The jealousy and rage when you listen to her moan to other men’s cocks makes your blood boil.  So why, oh why, is your dick so hard?  It doesn’t make any sense.

It started at a bar that was fairly empty.  You and your wife are just having a night out when a drink arrives at your table.  The waiter tells your wife that it’s courtesy of a group of guys across the room.  You don’t like it but your wife tells you not to get so worked up about a harmless free drink.  She downs it.  Then another one arrives.  And another.  Your wife has always been able to handle her whiskey but, even now you see her starting to lose it.  That’s when the strangers come over and introduce themselves.  They compliment your wife, playing it off as harmless but you can see right through them.   Their corny, witty banter actually gets her giggling when, if she were sober, she would definitely not be impressed.  Then one asks for a dance.

“Oh, hun.  It’s just a dance.”

Your wife’s famous last words

That asshole’s hands are all over your wife and he’s practically fucking her in front of that jukebox with how hard he’s grinding against her.  You see your wife’s face light up a little when she appears to feel his dick against her ass cheeks.  You clench your wrists.  She’s never made that face at you when she saw your cock.  He whispers something in her ear.  She laughs.  She holds up her fingers about five inches apart.  What could that mean?  What are they talking about?  Your mind is racing.  You’ve never felt this way before.  You don’t realize that you’re being cuckolded.

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