Cuckold groom gets sloppy seconds.

Cuckold groom kissed the bride.  It’s the happiest day of his life…until he finds out that there is still a tradition that he must abide by.  After all, he promised his wife to uphold it to respect her family’s side.  Ever since they found out about his…inadequacy…there was no changing his fate if he wanted to marry the love of his life.  Long ago, it was decided that the woman being married must be fucked by at least one well-endowed man before her husband to get to.  The best man actually.  It would not be fair to her to suffer her entire marriage without ever knowing the feeling of a proper cock.  It was highly progressive for its time.  The groom swallows hard as the best man approaches the love of his life.  Why, oh why did his best friend have to be Jerome?

When the groom found out he was getting married, he HAD to make Jerome his best man…

But that was before he found out about the tradition.  Afterward, it would have been in poor taste to refuse Jerome’s best man status.  Still, he was a 6 foot 3 black dude with a dick the size of a king cobra!  The groom sat at the head of the wedding table, watching his best friend plow his woman.  He watched that thick meat and dark, full, pulsing sacks work into her and make her scream and shout in ways that he never could.  And it went on forever.  The groom knew that he could never last this long on his own.  But eventually, it did end with a loud, concussive explosion of cum in her welcoming pussy.  The sex was over but the tradition wasn’t.  Now had come the cleaning out of the bride.   The husband was duty-bound to clean out her pussy with his tongue and was urged to do a good job lest she has his best friend’s children instead.

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