Forced Bi Fun With My Bestie’s Husband

I admit it – I love snooping through other people’s things.
You often find the most INTERESTING things! And what I found on my bestie’s husband’s computer the other day helped me engineer a little forced bi fun with him!

I picked up their youngest from school and took her to the dentist because neither of them could get away from work to take her. When we finished, I took her home, and of course she went straight to her room with her phone and shut the door; leaving me to wander the house aimlessly until either my bestie or her hubby could get home. I know it’s not nice to snoop – but what was I supposed to do to pass the time? 🙂

I sneaked into their bedroom, and the first thing I saw was hubby’s laptop on the bed.

Smiled and hopped onto the bed, stretching out and opening the lid to the laptop. Damn. Password protected. I thought for a moment, then smiled, and typed his pet name for ME into the password box. YES! Accepted! What can I say – the man is obsessed with his wife’s best friend!

I went right for his internet history, so I could see what sort of naughty sites he’d been visiting. All porn sites of course. I guess he’s not worried about deleting his history since he has a password. His wife would be SO pissed if she saw all this porn, porn, porn! Damn. He’s obsessed with a little more than ME! I think he definitely suffers from sexual addiction! I randomly started clicking links so that I could watch some of the videos he’d been watching. (Ammo for later conversations!) It was mostly what I expected. Impregnation. Homewrecking. Throat fucking. All the things he loves about ME!

I clicked on a link containing the word “bisexual”, thinking he was watching girl on girl porn. I froze when the action started on the screen; it was a bisexual video alright! It was a FORCED BI video! Oh my god! There’s a cute-looking little twink down on his knees with a big fat DICK in his mouth!

Now don’t get me wrong. I know he likes anal action.

I’ve pegged him more times now than I can even remember! But, cock sucking? Not just bi action, but forced bi action? Immediately the wheels started spinning in my head. I was positively dizzy with excitement! Like I said. You often find the most interesting things when you are a dirty little snooping slut! I quickly closed the browser and shut the lid on his laptop – just in time to hear him coming in the door!

I could tell he wanted me to hang around for a while until my bestie got home (so he could shove me in a dark closet or bathroom and grope me until she walked through the door.) but I said my goodbyes, all smiles, and bounced out the door. Popped my head back in and asked him if there was any way he would be able to help me fix a broken window latch at my house the next day. He smiled, thinking it was an excuse to get him there (he’s right about that much at least!) and said of course he could help me.

I went home and hatched a brilliant forced bi suprise plan. Made a few phone calls, and finally found a fuck buddy of mine that has a HUGE cock, and was available for some fun the next afternoon! I texted the bestie’s hubby that morning, asking what time he would be over to help me. After our “date” was set, I called my fuck buddy Joe and asked if he was ready for some forced bi fun! He laughed (we’ve played this game a time or 20 before!) and said of course! He was already in the car on his way to my house.


I go put on a hot little black lace nightie and matching panties; and of course my thigh highs, garter belt, and high heels! I am so wicked! I just wanted to answer the door in something sexy so that when he found out what he was REALLY in for? It would be even more of a shock! Joe finally arrived, just minutes before the bestie’s hubby pulled into the drive! I sent him to the bedroom and told him to get naked, and ran to answer the door.

I threw it open and a huge smile spread across his cheating face, already assured of the pussy he was going to be getting during our afternoon delight. Smiled back at him, giggling a little, and let him wrap his arms around me as the door shut behind us. His hands were everywhere at once and I laughed a little, stepping back and breaking his hold on me.

I told him I had a very sexy surprise for him in the bedroom, waiting. He took me by the hand and practically dragged me down the hall. He threw the bedroom door open wide, probably expecting to find candles or rose petals. Instead? He found Joe, already stretched out in the middle of my bed; buck ass naked, his big fat 9 inch cock in his hand. His hand continued to work on his cock as he casually looked up at us and said hi.

The look on Ryan’s (that’s my bestie’s cheating husband’s name) face was priceless!

He looked confused, terrified, and possibly a little turned on at the site of that fat cock getting stroked and teased? I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist, whispering into his ear that I found his dirty little stash of forced bi porn, and now we were going to play out his fantasy!

Did he play along with my surprise forced bi fun? Stay tuned for Part 2, cumming soon! Or even better, call me up, and I’ll give you all the dirty details of what happened! I will say this much – he was VERY late getting home! And he was definitely walking a little more slowly! 🙂

MILF Phone Sex!