Dana loves foot fetish callersHe Has A Foot Fetish And I Love To Satisfy Him

I’m lucky enough to have a caller that is a money pig. Oh if only they all were, it would be wonderful for my bank account! He has a foot fetish, which I actually kind of like, as I have beautiful feet that deserve to be worshiped. He loves when I send him pics of my feet. He’s very generous with me and frequently tips me. He tells me about how every girlfriend he’s ever had he dotes on her feet. He buys her expensive shoes and treats her to long foot massages. Nothing gets his cock harder than giving his lady a thorough foot massage. Since most women also love a foot massage, he knows he will usually be rewarded with a blow job or a foot job afterwards as well.

We Watch Foot Porn Together

He’s a giver, as many me with foot fetish are. Giving actual shoes, and the massages. He said his hands are magic and I’d love to feel them kneading my soles and pulling on my toes, massaging cream into them. When he calls, many times he’s got foot fetish porn on in the background. And I can hear it and he will describe what they are doing. Sometimes he even sends me the link and we will watch it together at the same time stamp he will tell me to start at. He likes when girls walk barefoot on his back as well, it feels good for his back. And he loves the feet being all over him, it’s a double pleasure for him to indulge in.

He  Is Very Generous

He talks about how he’d love to serve my feet and run his hands up and down my silk stockings. And how hard that would make his cock. I tell him if he’s a good boy he might get a foot job. But since he loves to serve so much, he’d best start at my pussy. He tells me what an honor it would be to serve my perfect pussy. He’s apparently a very good pussy licker, or so he’s been told. He loves to tease a woman and bring her to the brink of cumming and then push her over that edge of pleasure. He loves to describe how he’d nibble on my clit, suck on my juicy inner lips. Usually while fondling one of my feet with his hand, until I’d cum all over his face.

Since he loves to give me money, he says every orgasm he will give me, he will give me a big tip. So it’s a good incentive to cum often for him. His foot fetish is one he just spends a lot of money on since it gives him so much pleasure. He calls it his “foot budget”, which made me laugh the first time he mentioned it. But hey, you gotta have something in life to bring you joy and pleasure. If feet are what does it for him, no harm there. As he gets close to cumming, sometimes I just repeat the word feet over and over and that will push him over that edge.

Sexy LiL Dana

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