He Had A Foot Fetish And Many Other Kinks

foot fetish with Dana

This summer I started to date a guy that has a fair number of kinks. Hey, I have mine too, so I don’t judge. One thing he loves is my feet. The night we met I was wearing a sexy pair of strappy sandals that showed off my feet and toes. And he got hard just looking at them. He had a hell of a foot fetish. We hit it off right away and were fast friends and lovers. He loved that I relished swallowing his cum during blow jobs, not all women do, but I sure do. I love every drop of that salty jizz on my tongue and down my throat.

I Had A Cum Eating  Fetish

We got into foot jobs right away, most guys with a foot fetish are crazy about them. And he is no exception, and I wondered how we could combine his love of feet with my love of cum. If he came on my feet during a foot job, which he always did. It was a little awkward to lick the cum off my feet. I mean I could, but it was a bit odd to do so. So he had me get on my back with my legs up. And he was rubbing his cock all over the soles of my feet.And when he would cum if I tilted my feet towards my open, waiting mouth. The cum would run right into my mouth when he shot it on my feet.

I Loved To Give Him Hot Foot Jobs

We are a pervy pair, and we love it. He’s bought me several pairs of sexy shoes he loves to admire my feet in. And he gets plenty of sloppy blow jobs and he likes titty fucks as well. And of course he can shoot his load all over my face and tits when he cums. I can lick it off, and he loves watching me do it, it turns him on so much. I got a nice pedicure last week and my fire engine red toenails looked great. And my feet were baby soft and I knew he’d be getting a hot foot job. So he could admire them as they slid up and down his hard cock. I teased the head of his cock with my big toe, smoothing the pre cum all over. Rubbing my toe in little circles all over the tip of it.

I squished his balls with both of my feet.I was kneading them and he groaned with delight at my administrations to his naughty bits. Rest assured I wanted that load in my mouth. Once I had him going crazy curling my toes around his dick and gliding them up and down his shaft. I put my mouth on his cock and started to slurp away and his breathing was getting faster and faster. And I knew I was about to be rewarded with a huge mouthful of that cum. He grabbed the back of my head and really shoved his cock down my throat. I was soon gagging on his cock and swallowing squirt after squirt of his cum and then we were both relaxed. I so do enjoy a mouthful of his fresh cum.
 Sexy LiL Dana
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