A little foot fetish play to brighten his day..

Foot fetish playtime always brings my boytoy’s spirits back up when he’s had a long day. On Monday, he needed a little pick-me-up. So what’s a girl to do when he’s seen every one of my MANY stiletto heels..? Well, I improvise. Who says my feet need to be in some sexy black dominatrix heels to rock his world? I brought out my creativity to play and decided to try something new.. Of course the pretty little feet were pedicured, but I added something extra. I had some golden, edible, glistening body powder that I use from time to time just to spice up the foreplay.. He loves the taste whenever I use it, and could spend hours kissing my neck.

It was time to make my feet extra delicious for him.

I took a little bit of that powder and just worked it over my feet, and through my soft, suckable toes. Little by little, I massaged some of it onto the smooth, milky soles of my feet. Once it was all carefully spread and I was basically a glazed donut ready for his tongue, I went and laid in bed. I picked out my sexiest white lace lingerie, and laid there toying with my phone until he came over. The second he walked into the room, a wide-eyed grin was plastered on his face. And the closer he got, the more he melted down onto the mattress, face at my toes and ready to lick.

And one by one, he went toe to toe, kissing, sucking, and absolutely indulging in the sweet honey flavor of my milky toes.

Come play with me. 

Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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