The Maid Fetish

Bob didn’t know why he thought of Hilda so much but just knew he had a fetish for her.  That cute uniform she wore. Those Clunky shoes she had. Even the way she wore her hair. He just knew every day when he woke up his laundry was taken out of his room and clean was put back. Bob knew Hilda had been in to get it. He often would go to bed trying to make sure he was uncovered. Sleeping nude of course!

Bob would wake up with a stiff rod

Every morning bob would wake up with a stiff cock. Knowing Hilda had been in and hoping she had seen his big member. Maybe one day she’d wake him up sucking on it. He could only imagine. Just brushing her hair back as she lowered her sweet lips down on to his cock. Would make him explode quickly! He’s thought about it so much. Just to feel Hilda touch him to see her come fuck me eyes. Is all he could ever hope for.

Hilda noticed Bob’s cock and wanted him so bad

Little did Bob know Hilda always made sure to get his laundry while he slept so she could see Bob’s hard cock. She dreamed of what it would feel like inside her tight pussy. Hilda once got brave enough to taste it while Bob was sleeping. She couldn’t help herself. He was so hard and so big she had too. He was on his back and his shaft was straight up. She went over like fixing the cover and slid into the bed with him. Sliding her lips over top his big mushroom head. She could taste that sweet precum leaking out. That sweet taste she had always dreamed of.

Fetish 1

Sucking Bob’s cock

Hilda glided her lips up and down his hard cock. Wrapping her pretty lips around that shaft. Knowing Bob could wake up any minute and she could be caught. However, she needed to taste that creamy load. She needed to have his cum deep inside her one way or another. She was going to work this cock till she took it all. Working his shaft in and out of her mouth. Her tongue tracing every vein. Bob’s cock filling her mouth more and more. TIll he explodes deep inside her throat. Bob tasted like everything she imagined so sweet and tasty. He never woke up and he was never the wiser…

Bob Knew Hilda was sucking his cock

Bob woke up to Hilda down sucking his cock. It felt so good but he didn’t want to move. She had must have thought he was asleep. Bob didn’t want to do anything to interrupt her. Hilda went on doing this morning after morning. As Bob played it off as he was sleeping. She was a great cock sucker. Hilda knew exactly how to get him off. It was everything Bob had wanted since Hilda had started being the maid. He now had his own personal cock sucker to drain his cock every morning.

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