This Is What Happens When I Have Wacky Erotic Fantasy Sex Stories Dreams!

I think some of my weirdest fantasy sex stories come from strange dreams that I have.  A lot of celebrity sex stories include our favorite movie stars or even idols.  And boy do I have plenty of them to share with you.  Definitely not one of your typical cheap phone sex tales that you would read in a dirty mag or hear from your hot phone sex operator.

I went to see the latest Superheroine movie that is out now.  You all know what I’m talking about so I need not mention it here.  That night I had fallen asleep in my satin panties.  I remember feeling very tired after the long day.  In my dream, my hair blew in the wind.  I stood on a high rooftop overlooking the busy city far below.  I wore my light cape which blew behind me.  My shiny sharp edged trusty steel in my hand.

I looked around tensely aware of another presence in the shadows.  Suddenly, a dark shadow jumped onto the rooftop.  My worst nemesis stood before me.  He was clad in silver and black chain mail.  He wore no steel objects by which to spar.  My blood ran cold as he advanced upon me.  I lashed out with my lasso and a jet of fire encircled his ankles.  Blue electricity shot from his eyes breaking my concentration.  We stood there in a locked stance.  I tried not to look into his hypnotizing gaze.

His eyes seemed to call to me and I felt my sex start to tingle.  

What an embarrassing and awkward time for my loins to react in this sexual way.  My nemesis told me that fighting was futile and that I would be his before long.  I struggled away whipping my lasso around his torso.  He screamed in anguish as he shot blue flame at me.  I winced as the surprisingly cold energy weakened my defenses.  Again I found myself trapped in his hypnotic stare.  His eyes pierced into my very immortal soul and painted images of forced erotic couplings.

His hands reached for my shoulders.  I felt the warm tingling between my legs almost like an orgasm wanting to erupt like a volcano.  I didn’t want to surrender to lose this spar.  Yet, the temptations of giving in to my lust and feeling his need to bury himself in my warm sex and the places he could take me to were almost too much to ignore.  My mind flashed to images of him stripping away my cape and armor.  His mouth tasted of my flesh as he hungrily kissed his fiery lips down my glowing skin fulfilling my hungry desires with hand, tongue, and hard penetrating beam.

I woke up all wet and horny.  Did my fantasy sex stories teaser make that cock ready for some hot phone sex?  I can’t wait to tell you the next part of my epic installment when you call me.

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