Fantasy Sex Stories – Daddy Punishes His Lesbian Daughter

One of my fantasy sex stories is a continuation of the lesbian phone sex story I’ve already written. Check it out here.

So, there he stood. Neither my girlfriend nor I could move. We were frozen under his stern, disapproving gaze, almost numb. I still had my fingers buried in her pussy and her legs were still wide open.

Scowling, he slammed the door. I could hear his voice low: high enough to hear he was talking, but quiet enough so I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying. A minute later he came back in. We still hadn’t found the courage to move.

He pointed at my girlfriend. “Your dad will be here soon.”

She nodded. I slowly slid my fingers out of her and we reached for our clothes. Daddy walked over and smacked both of our hands. My girlfriend and I looked at each other in bewilderment.

“I said your dad was going to be over here. I did not say you should get dressed.”

Half an hour later…..

My bedroom door opened and in came my girlfriend’s dad. He looked just as pissed as Daddy did and I couldn’t help the sinking feeling in my gut. We were still naked, but now we were huddled together trying to keep each other from tearing up.

We sneaked a peek at our fathers through our eyelashes because we were trying to see if they’d started getting less mad. My girlfriend spoke up first and sounded very nervous. “What’s going to happen now?” Her voice sounded small and about an octave higher.

My dad smiled as he said, “I’m gonna fuck you,” he pointed to my girlfriend, “and he’s gonna fuck you.”

The two of us exchanged horrified looks and started to stammer in protest. Basically, what Daddy had said was he was going to fuck my girlfriend and my girlfriend’s dad was going to fuck me.

Daddy grabbed my girlfriend by the hand and took her into his room and her dad came to sit with me on my bed.

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