Celebrity Sex Stories That Will Wet Your Sheets!

Have you ever had those celebrity sex stories or cartoon sex fantasies that make you shiver with anticipation and causes immediate arousal?  All you can think about is that one hot movie star, singer, athlete, or other public figure.  I had the hugest crush on one such celebrity.  Certainly not my first crush but one that made an impact on my fantasies at the time.  Remember when Superman was all the rage?  The movie star who portrayed him was hotter than hot!  I loved the sound of his voice, his jet black hair, his strong body.  Perhaps I was more infatuated with the character and not so much the actor but you could bet any movie he starred in I went to see in the movie theater.

I was laying in bed one night and drifted to sleep.  In my dream I was his Lois Lane and he was my Man of Steel.  In this alternate fantasy he came in from a night of fighting crime.  When he entered our house, I ran into his strong arms.  He pulled me up into his embrace crushing his lips to mine.  I held onto his neck as he held me.  My superman took me to the bed where he laid me gently on the sheets.  I grasped at his cape trying to undress him.

I felt his smile on me as he took me in.

My clothes slowly came off one item at a time as his lips gently nibbled my shoulders and hard nipples.  His hard cock pressed against my belly.  I had been waiting all day for him to come home and could not hold back any longer.  Superman removed his outfit and laid his warm body on top of mine.  My arms encircled his neck.  I arched my hips and spread my sexy legs as he plunged his hard steel inside of me.  He fucked me hard and long making me feel every inch of his power.  I screamed out as my nails dug into his back.  My eyes glazed as I reached the point of no return.

I awoke in my bed so wet and aroused.  I’d love to hear some of your celebrity sex stories and fantasies regarding your favorite movie characters.


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