Cartoon Sex Story About A Hungry Giantess!

Never thought I’d be here sharing my cartoon sex dream, but here goes!  My mind thinks of all kinds of whacky fantasy sex stories.  In my dreams, I was a beautiful giantess.  My legs were sexy, long, and powerful.  I had luxurious hair, which flowed long like a golden river.  My appetite was at the very highest I’ve seen in a long time.  The land was becoming barren so men had decided to move to another place.

To lure in my prey, I’d sit on a rock and play my harp.  The melody was hypnotizing and beautiful.  Men passing by would stop to listen to the soft music and want to investigate.  One particular meal sticks in my memory.  He was very handsome, strong, and did put up a good fight.  As handsome and charming as they may seem, all men in the end are just snacks for me.

I’ll never forget the day I met this handsome man.

I would see him on a high rock from afar looking at me.  Each day he would come closer.  Finally, I was tired of playing cat and mouse.  I chased him on foot.  It is as if the music didn’t seem to affect him.  The effort to run him down was seamless.  The man wriggled in my hand. I held him up, and was so ready to devour him.

My ritual to prepare my snack held me back.  Once home, I disrobed him, and washed him in a silver bowl.  He seemed very ticklish and tried to escape.  Gingerly I laid my snack on my plate and seasoned it with some light salt, garlic, and olive oil.  The aroma of this latest prey aroused my sex as well as my tummy.  He screamed and begged as I lifted him between my fingers.

Pleading was futile for this vulnerable prey.  This in a way was almost like an erotic form of cartoon sex as this would be a quick affair, a small rush, before moving on to my next snack.  He kicked as I let him go.  His body brushed my lips, slid past my tongue, and down my waiting throat.  The descent down to my belly was so joyous.  I could feel him kicking and wondered what he was feeling.

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