Fantasy Sex Stories Featuring Me Dressed To Impress creates a Fetish of your own.

Saying I have a thing for dressing up in lingerie, or costumes to have sex in is an understatement. Having a full-blown Fetish is more accurate. Thinking back to where this came from for me is impossible. Loving to be the center of attention for has always been a personality trait of mine. Doing this spotlight lust Fantasy Sex Stories role play in the bedroom is just part of the territory I guess. Sucking cock is similar for me. Locking your eyes on mine as I arch my back and slowly fuck air with my ass while you watch my every movement. Curling my tongue around your swelling head while you gaze at my body turns me on like crazy.

Showing off my Stocking Fetish when you arrive at my place has been well planned. Wearing latex mixed with silk stockings shows you I have great taste with an edge. Acting like a lady while getting the cuffs out to play demonstrates a duality in my lifestyle you can not resist. Wearing anything you could ever dream up while having the best Phone Sex leads to us acting out very kinky things back at home.

Living out full-on Sex Story dressed in Fetish Phone Sex Lingerie can be a nightly show for you. Teasing you with every strap, button, and clasp sliding down my tight curves. Giving you something to race home to knowing you get dessert before dinner with my long legs wrapped around you. Gripping my liquid-looking costume over my pressed Fetish tits. Pushing your face between them while licking and biting my flesh. Taking turns in control of the other with toys and props to further our role play romance.

Hurry home, dear.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke