Sex Story Love Letters From Your Favorite GFE Phone Sex who adores you.

Sitting in your chair, having a scotch, and thinking of me while the clock chimes. Picturing the Sex Story you want us to write while we live it out. Working on my writing upstairs and beginning to wonder where my wonderful man is. Slipping on my black kimono I walk downstairs as I fasten the sash. Peeking into your study and see you are there, alone with your thoughts. I think to myself about all the brilliant concerns a man like you has flooding his mind at this late hour. How can I soothe him I question my heart?

I walk slowly toward you with just a hint of a smile hiding in the corner of my mouth. Taking the scotch from your hand I have a sip. Leaning over you as I place the glass on the table nearest your left. Holding eye contact I lower myself to the floor at your feet. Looking up at you with all the adoration you deserve, all the while creating the Sex Stories that will comfort you long from now. My hands glide up your legs, traveling with a purpose to your thighs. My kimono loosens and parts way as I lean into your shins, pressing my breasts to your knees. Your eyes never leave mine while picking the glass of scotch back up and having a drink.

My lips moist from my tongue gliding across both top and bottom. Pressing them together before parting them again. I lean over your lap and come down over your cock. My face rubbing and purring against you, my nose creating the pressure your dick needs to forget how late it is. Your mind free from clutter leaving one organized thought, Mutual Masturbation.

The memory of the Best Phone Sex we ever had when I described this very scene almost to every movement enters your mind.

Similar to Sex Games deja vu but so superior. You ease into my mouth and enjoy my affection completely. Each suck and swallow lead my naughty mind to ten more things I wish to do to you, and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

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