Fetish Lingerie Shopping Turns Your Girl The Fuck On for something new and exciting.

Fetish lingerie is a passion of mine. If you know me, then you know that for sure. A very exciting credit line was established for me to indulge in the finest naughty little things.  I truly have every intention of taking full advantage of this opportunity. I walk into the glamorous boutique to a warm welcome by the bombshell handling my account. We click right away, and her job for today is to show me pretty things that make me happy. After serving me champagne I begin to feel very smily and excited.

The only rule to my spree is to make it all about me, but I can’t resist letting my imagination run wild with Tease and Denial fantasies. My body drapped in the gorgeous lingerie that you bought me, and your orders are to drop to your knees. I decided that you will worship your goddess from head to toe. You will verbally bath me in praise and love with compliments dripping from your tongue. I am the Fetish GFE Phone Sex woman that makes you drool. The more you smell the perfume on the leg you lick, the more your cock dribbles precum for me.

Tell me that you want me baby. Lean against my skin and tell me how bad you want me to let you orgasm, and see if I let you. It’s just so fun watching you beg and squirm for something you say you need. I giggle knowing your right on the edge when I bring you back down from the ledge of freedom.

I know what you need.

Sex Games is just a piece to the complex puzzle I am building for your torment and pleasure. You know you want it, baby.

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