Sex Games On Football Sunday Gets Pussy Touchdowns for the win.

I know how important Football Sunday is to you. Deciding it was another perfect opportunity to create new Sex Games was the best thing for me. Finding fun and sexy ways to make the game more interesting is a great goal for me. The first time I included sports in our sex like it was just a simple bet. Your team against my team, winner takes all. This means the winner gets to decide how we have sex, and what kind of sex we would have. Betting on a game for sex is always a good way to go in my opinion.

Slowly this weekly day where football dominates all other priorities inspired me to step up my sex appeal. Proposing something with a little more Fetish Phone Sex in the mix made things more interesting. Dressing up like a cheerleader from your beloved team became very spicy. Playing your sexy center allows you to get behind me and get a little pussy hiked your way.

Today I am putting up Anal Sex as the prize for the winner. I think offering anal sex makes the bet a win, win. When things become a bit more aggressive between us with banter and flirting I get really hot. There is just something about sex and sports that gets me ready for Fantasy Sex Stories. Flipping the switch to my normal sweet self into a naughty vixen ready to take a penalty pounding from your cock. Football Sunday is now one of my favorite days of the week. I get to spend time with you, and I get to cum my pom poms off. Thinking of anything better that would be hard to do.

Let the games begin!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke