My Need For Fantasy Sex Stories, Just Became More Complex – Part II

My need for fantasy sex stories continued. After a few minutes, Mrs. Smith excused herself to the restroom. Once the sound of the restroom door was heard closing, Charles said sounds like my son got quite a sexual enlightenment from you Ms. Hanna. Does your husband know how much you are addicted to black cock? I said no he does not, my sexual demons are something I have been fighting with for a while now. Charles then stands up and unzips his pants releasing a huge black cock. It had to be close to 12 inches long.

Then Charles said, “Ms. Hanna if you do not want your husband to find out how big of a black cock loving slut you are, you will show me what you taught my son”. Then he stepped directly in front of me with his cock just inches from my face. Next, I began to feel my pussy getting wet as I anticipated putting his huge cock in my mouth. Then, I took my hand which barely fit around it and began stroking it as I bent down and sucked his massive balls into my mouth.

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While stroking it, I spit on the tip and took it into my mouth slowly accepting more and more of it until it was buried in my throat. Charles began chanting, ” yeah you little white slut, take it down your throat. Show me how good you sucked my son’s cock”. He got to where his hand was palming my head like a basketball while he fucked his massive black tool down my throat. As he called me his dirty little cock sucking white whore, We heard Mrs. Smith behind us clearing her throat very loudly.

She said, “What do we have here, my son’s cock was not enough, now you are sucking my husbands cock to you nasty white slut”. Mr. Smith began to apologize by saying, “baby I could not help it, hearing the way she fucked and sucked Darnell just turned me on so much. I had to take a taste for myself”. Veronica then said, “she looks like she can suck a dick pretty damn good. I wonder if she eats pussy just as good”. Then she sat on the edge of the pulpit stage, Lifted her skirt, and spread her legs exposing a smoothly shaved beautiful black pussy just glistening with wetness. She said, “this white slut better make my kitten purr, or her preacher boy husband is going to find out he is married to a whore”.

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Charles stopped fucking my mouth, and said, “white girl, you better be good at licking pussy”. I got up and walked over looking at how perfect Veronica’s pussy was. She was a very beautiful woman, with a well-kept body, and very large breasts. I got on my knees on the second step and began sucking her clit into my mouth while I took two fingers rubbing them into the wetness of her slit. Veronica said, “that’s it, suck my clit you little white slut”. Charles then stood at an angle alongside me and put his cock in his wife’s open mouth, and she immediately takes his whole cock down her throat.

He said, “yeah honey get it good and wet so I can fuck this little white whore while she eats your pussy”. After taking it down her throat several times, she spits on the tip and says pound that little white pussy. She then grabs the back of my head and begins grinding her pussy against my face. I had on a little cotton summer dress with a thong, and Charles gets behind me while his wife grinds her pussy against my face, and pulls the crotch band to the side slipping two fingers into my sopping wet pussy. He then puts the huge tip in my pussy opening and slides it half way in. He comments how tight and wet my pussy is as he shoves more of his dick inside. At this point, I loudly grunt with the pleasure of feeling his cock fill my empty pussy.

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I then start to hungrily lick Veronica’s pussy, while her husband pounds mine from behind. Veronica is chanting, “that’s it white girl”, while her husband is slowly stretching the insides of my pussy. Charles is slowly pulling his cock out, and sliding it back in balls deep. All of a sudden he buries his cock and grunts real loud holding still. I can feel his hot cum filling my pussy. He pulls his cock out, and cum is dripping from the tip. He walks around to my side, and his wife sucks the cum off his tip, while he holds the back of my head cumming all over my face. She lets my head go, and I just collapse on the steps, with my face wet from her cum, and my pussy dripping his cum.

Veronica got up straightening her skirt, Charles zipped up his pants and straightened the creases out of them. Veronica then says I see why my son likes cumming over to your house. Let’s go, Charles. At this point, it is just one consequence after another because of my insatiable lust for black cock. Now besides possibly being pregnant, I have to worry about Mr. and Mrs. Smith possibly telling my husband, I am fucking their son. They do not realize, they may have just fucked their grand baby’s mama. I have more dirty sex stories here! If You have any fantasy sex stories ideas, please feel free to send them my way darling.

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