I can’t wait to see Uncle George.

He’s been my favorite uncle since I was a child.  He always wanted me to sit in his lap and I always thought he had something hard in his pocket.

But as the years went by, Uncle George started to get us alone more often.  I remember the first time he felt comfortable enough to show me his cock.  He asked me if I wanted to see his “Peter” as he rubbed his crotch on the outside of his pants.  And I was curious and wanted to see what was so hard in his pants.  So I said a big bold “YES”.

This first experience with Uncle George was on Thanksgiving.  We decided to go for a walk before dinner, out in the woods, on a path that no one else knows about.  We come to our private little place and Uncle George turns around and starts to unzip and unbutton his pants.  And as I stand and watch all I can see is black inside his pants.  I think he has on black, silk underwear.  Then he puts his thumb in the waistband of his underwear and pulls down, releasing his cock and letting his underwear go under his balls, totally exposing his manhood.

Something inside of me wanted to reach out and touch his cock, Peter !

I couldn’t stop my hand from wrapping my fingers around his cock and squeeze.  The feeling in my hand was wonderful, soft and hard at the same time and nice and warm.  And another wonderful feeling was beginning in between my legs.  The feeling that I have felt many times with Uncle George…MANY times…!!!

He looks at me, our faces very close together, and he asks me to give his Peter a kiss.  I can’t resist leaning down and putting my lips in a pucker and kiss his Peter.  And then I find myself licking and lapping his cocks head all over.

Call me and I’ll tell you the rest of the story …!!!

Phone Sex!