Family sex stories, It’s an erotic love affair!

Family sex stories, It’s an erotic naughty love affair! Ever hear of the saying that a family that plays together stays together?! Well, I had a hardcore masturbation session and I had a little Incest phone sex fantasy running through my mind like a porno. So in my imagination, I think I am home alone… Little did I know that not only are my parents in the next room but so is my brother. Because I thought I was alone I put in one of my dad’s pornos and sat back on the couch and started to play with my pussy!

I guess they must have heard the moans from the porn because they all came into the living room. My fingers were knuckled deep inside my cunt when I looked up and saw my entire family mouth open watching me. I couldn’t believe they were all there I was so Embarrassed. I went to take my fingers out of my pussy but my dad yelled “NO! Leave them there” his voice was so rough and full of need. Just then he walked over to me and put his hand over mine and pushed my fingers in even deeper.

Family sex stories, Caught masturbating!!

My daddy was masturbating my pussy with my own hand when mom came a bit closer. She put her hand over daddies, I thought she was going to tell him to stop… But she didn’t. Instead of being totally pissed off she seemed extremely aroused. That’s when I noticed the porn I put in was Incest porn. So my mom started directing her how to play with my pussy, “do it like this” my mom said and she started rubbing my pussy with his hand on mine. The feeling was incredible my pussy was getting so wet. Then I looked up and saw my brother stroking his cock.

My mom told my brother to come closer and he did with his cock hard as a rock in his hand. My mom opened her mouth and started sucking on my brother, Totally deep throating him till she gagged. That’s when my dad went down on me and started to lick and taste my pussy I couldn’t believe how good it felt till my brother started fondling my tit. I couldn’t help it I exploded my orgasm all over my daddy’s face. That’s when things got really kinky!

If this incest role play Idea turned you on and you like to have a little bit of fun and get real kinky with your taboo phone sex, I would love to tell you what I imagined happening next!

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