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Sometimes I can be quite annoying, I know that for a fact. But I never thought I would annoy someone to the point of what happened. Let alone with Daddy. It was a Monday morning and I was going about my daily routine. You know, wash my face, brush my teeth. walk in on Daddy as he stroked his big thick sock. Yeah, that’s what happened. Believe me, these hot family sex stories are not for those who don’t enjoy a bit taboo in their lives.

Not knocking on the bathroom room door is a habit I should probably quit. To my defense, the door should be locked if you’re doing something private. I walked in like nothing and there he was. Daddy was stroking his hard cock. What is a girl to do? Well, I stood there and watched. Daddy was in the shower and he seemed like he was enjoying himself. After a few minutes of standing there, I walked out. When he came out I had nothing better to ask than how was it. He turned to look at me and he was puzzled. I said, did you cum Daddy? and giggled.

It must have been his frustration or maybe my annoying tone but Daddy went crazy.

He started making his way towards me. He ordered me to my knees and to open up my mouth. I did. He shoved his cock deep down my throat. Making gag and choke. I slobbered all over his big Daddy dick. He just looked down at me. Telling me that he knew I had spied on his and that dirty little cum sluts deserved to be punished. When he pulled out, he came all over my face. Then, he scrapped every single drop of it off and fed it to me.

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