The Audio Sex Stories That’ll Make Daddy’s Cock Rock Hard

Hey Daddy, I have been thinking about you all day long! So I guess that makes me addicted to incest. I know you have too though. You always read all my naughty stories but this one is very special. This is one of those audio sex stories that is going to make you want to spank me the next time you see me. Remember this past week when I asked you for permission to go to the beach? I did something I don’t regret.

I was already in the tiny white bikini you bought me. As I was laying down on the beach chair, sunbathing I noticed that some older men were looking at me and my best friend. I mean, I’m sure you would have looked too, right Daddy? By this time I was craving something sweet so I headed to the snack bar and someone followed me. Guess who Daddy? Before I could pay for the ice cream the sexy older man that was drooling over me handed the tender some cash.

I know Daddy! I know what you are thinking, I know I shouldn’t talk to strangers but he introduced himself right away. He and I started walking and talking and we ended up in a secluded area on the beach. We could still see and hear people but I doubt people could see us because we didn’t get caught. He said I was really sexy Daddy and he looked at me with the same eyes you look at me when you want to play. We made out. One thing led to another and soon enough I was in between his legs and sucking on his cock.

By now I know you are nice and hard hearing about me being a little slut, aren’t you Daddy?

The best part is that he put me on all fours and fucked my little pussy so hard I came on his big dick. I guess next time I see you I am going to have to be punished, aren’t I Daddy?

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