Public Park Sex With A Complete Stranger

All of you know how much of a slut I am. I actually say it proudly! Well, my friends and I used to play this little game. The game was simple, we were betting on who could sleep with a complete stranger the fastest. Whoever won would win get anything they want it from the other girls. This summer night was about to get fun when public park sex was the bet to win.

Dressed like hussies my friend and I took a walk down to the neighborhood park. Everyone hang out there. We were just eye candy to all the teen boys there but that day we decided to have a lot more fun. Like I said, we had play that game before but never in public. The stranger was chosen for each of us, whoever fucked first would win. I started moving fast and sooner than I thought that perverted stranger was eating off of the palm of my hand.

I pretend to be interested in his boring conversation, really all I had in my mind was winning. I am a very competitive person. I started making my moves. Rubbing his inner thigh and getting really close to me so he could breath in my sweet teen scent. After giggling at pointless conversation I got really close to him and whispered just how wet I was for him. He smiled and I immediately saw his cock get hard in his pants. I took him by the hand to a bench away from everyone where my friends had the best view.

It was fast and naughty. Also, RAW! What a thrill it was. I slipped off my dress and kept my shoes on. He pulled down his pants and there was no foreplay needed. I just want it to win! I rode his stranger cock till he was ready to explode and like a good girl I swallowed his load. He gave me his business card and told me to call him if I want it more fun, I threw it away as soon as he left. All I cared about that day was winning.

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