Who knew exhibitionism could be so hot? My boyfriend’s dad did!

I was sitting under a blanket with my boyfriend on his parents’ couch watching a movie. I hadn’t worn any clothes over, so I was in one of his T-shirts with nothing underneath. Just then, his dad walked in. Eric was house-sitting for his parents, and his dad explained that he had come back a day early. My boyfriend didn’t know that his dad had walked in earlier while we were fucking in the kitchen. I had so many kinky exhibitionism thoughts swimming through my head while I watched his dad watching us!

Mr. Mullins sat on the couch opposite us. He gave me a knowing look and I blushed remembering how hard I came all over Eric while looking in his dad’s eyes behind us. Mr. Mullins walked over to the marble bar he had in his exquisite living room. He pulled out a crystal decanter and poured himself a glass of scotch, motioning toward me to offer me a glass. I smiled and accepted. I slid out from under the blanket and walked over to the bar, completely forgetting I wasn’t wearing any pants. Mr. Mullins’ eyes got wide and he smiled, looking me up and down as he handed me the scotch. Blushing again, I quickly turned back around to hurry back to Eric on the couch. His dad watched my ass poking out from underneath my shirt the whole way.

We all sat around drinking and laughing for a while. After a few hours, we were all very drunk. Mr. Mullins laid his head back on his couch and shut his eyes, breathing heavily. Eric and I looked at each other and giggled. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him deeply.


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Eric kept his eyes open, looking for any sign of movement from his dad. I tried to assure him he was asleep. I stood up and walked right in front of his dad, lifted up my t-shirt and exposed my completely naked body to him. He didn’t budge. I took the shirt all the way off and faced my boyfriend. “See?” I giggled and got to my knees to crawl back to him.

When I reached his legs, I pulled them open and yanked his sweatpants down over his half-hard cock. He looked nervous. He kept looking past me to his dad. “We can’t do this! What if he wakes up?”

“So, what if he does?” I smiled devilishly, looking into his eyes as I took his cock into my mouth. I felt him growing against my hot, wet tongue. Eric had no more objections. He lifted his hips so I could pull his pants all the way off and lap up his balls into my mouth. Eric was moaning softly, biting his lips to keep quiet as I swallowed his cock whole.

I stood up and straddled him. “No, no, no!” he whispered desperately, looking past me to his sleeping dad. “He will definitely wake up the way you scream!” I giggled, “We better give him a good show then, huh?” and with this, I turned around so my perfect, round ass was in Eric’s face. I lowered myself down onto his rock-hard cock, feeling his thick tip splitting my pussy lips open. He let out a long moan feeling my sweet, sticky juices all over his cock. I guided his dick to my tight, eager hold and let him slide in.

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My eyes rolled back as I felt him stretching my pussy open. I planted my feet on the ground and started rocking my hips on him, inching him further and further inside of me. Just then, I noticed Mr. Mullins’ eyes were open. He was sitting right in front of me, watching my naked body going up and down on his son’s dick. My legs were spread wide open so he had a full view of my dripping wet pussy devouring Eric’s cock, in and out.

Mr. Mullins undid the top of his pants. Reaching down he pulled out his massive cock, stroking it while he watched me. I felt spasms waving through my body watching him. All of my exhibitionism fantasies were coming true! I couldn’t hold back a loud scream as I creamed all over Eric’s cock in front of his dad. Eric reached up to cover my mouth, and as he did, he noticed his dad wide awake, jacking off while watching us.

That’s when things got really interesting …

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