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With Eric’s cock in my mouth, I watched Mr. Mullins stroking his cock through his khakis. Feeling my pussy dripping wet onto the kitchen floor, I just knew this was going to make for the best sex stories! At this point, I have gotten Eric all the way back up and at full attention. I lift up, so that I am still on my knees, kissing his belly, running my fingertips all over him. He looks down at me and smiles. Mr. Mullins disappears back behind the partition. I am so turned on at this point I don’t even care how inappropriate it is. I never want this erotic, exhibition feeling to ever go away.

Holding my boyfriend close, I stand up, smiling as we make eye contact and kiss passionately. I know I should say something… but I want to see how far I can take it.

I grab one of the kitchen table chairs and I face it away from the garage door. Mr. Mullins is still hiding. I sit Eric down in the chair so his back is facing his father, and I straddle him. I cup my hands behind his neck while I slowly lower myself onto his throbbing cock. As he enters my tight, juicy hole, I let out a low moan and his father poked his head out. I am full-on staring at Mr. Mullins now. Our eyes lock. I think he was scared for a split second but I kept going. I was smiling and staring at him while I ground my pelvis deeper into his son’s. Going kinda slow at first, really taking my time to lift all the way off his huge cock, and then lower myself all the way back down, clenching the whole way.


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I can feel Eric’s breathing getting heavier. The sensation of my tight pussy gliding up and down his cock is driving him insane. I plant my heels firmly on the floor and start pumping my body up and down faster and faster. At this point, Mr. Mullins has unbuttoned his pants and is stroking his huge cock right in front of me. I begin slamming my body into Eric’s, hard. I can feel my insides spasming and I know I am going to cream all over this cock in a matter of minutes.

As I go faster, Mr. Mullins starts stroking harder, fist-pumping his cock faster and faster. I see the tiniest droplet of precum budding at the tip of his dick while he jerks himself. My clit feels like it is going to swell up and burst right as I squirt all over Eric’s lap. I start screaming and thrashing my body around in ecstasy. Eric reached around my waist to hold me firmly in place on his cock, still pumping in and out of me. I watch Mr. Mullins bust his load all over his big, strong hands and another wave of cum rushed out of me.

It doesn’t take long before Eric starts shooting his second load inside of me. Our bodies writhed together in a forceful, passionate embrace. I look back down and see his eyes rolling back in his head. I lean in to kiss him, so in love with this exact moment. When I looked back up, his father had disappeared completely. He came back about an hour later. We were watching TV and he told us he came back a day before his wife. He gave me a knowing look but didn’t say a word.


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