Hot sex with my boyfriend took a kinky turn when his dad came home early!

My boyfriend’s parents were going out of town and asked him to house-sit for them. His parents live in this huge, beautiful estate, I’ve always loved their home. On one of his last nights there, I decided to surprise him. I knew he had been overworked lately and could really use some hot sex. I showed up at the door wearing a long, black trench coat and heels, with nothing underneath.

Eric came to the door and I could tell her was very happy to see me. I walked past him, my heels clanking down the hallway to the kitchen while he followed close behind. Once in the kitchen, I stopped and turned to face him. He was still smiling but looking curious now. My coat dangled open so he could see a clear strip of flesh from my neck to my bald pussy. His eyes got wide.

I smiled, then removed my coat from my shoulders and let it crumple to the floor.

He did not hesitate to leap over and begin devouring my naked body. I stood there in nothing but heels. He wrapped his arms around my thin waist, pulling me close. Eric started caressing his hands up and down my smooth back and perky ass, pinching and squeezing as he went.

I wrapped my arms around his strong shoulders, running my fingers through his hair. Then, I grabbed a tuft and pulled hard while he kissed me deeply. He picked me up in his arms, I locked my ankles around his waist, my black high heels twisted around each other as he walked me over to his mom’s kitchen island and set me down. I squeezed him close to my body with my legs, fumbling with his tucked-in shirt before I tore it off his head.


I never imagined I’d be working for Phone Sex Kingdom telling you all my kinky hot sex stories!


He grabbed onto my wrists, hard, and pushed them behind me. My back was forced all the way down on the island. He smiled in my face as he slowly started to kiss down my neck, stopping to suck on my clavicle before lapping up my erect nipples with his tongue, dragging that tongue down my toned stomach, squeezing my hips as I writhed in pleasure while he licked further and further down.

He hoisted my legs up over his shoulders and leaned over me on top of the counter, darting his tongue in and out of my tight, juicy slit. I rolled my head back in ecstasy, biting my lip and pressing his head down deeper into my box. My whole body was trembling when I noticed something move in the corner of the room.

His dad had just walked in the kitchen from the garage door behind us, and he was just standing there, watching.

Suddenly, bursts of pleasure started darting through my entire body and I didn’t care that his dad was watching, I tightened my legs around Eric’s head and started bucking my hips wildly, fucking his face with a fervor.

Part Two will be coming soon, but if you just can’t wait.

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