Fetish Fun with My Boyfriend and his Family. This is what fetish phonesex is all about!

I could feel my body unloading a huge wave of cum all over Eric’s face. As he desperately lapped it up, I glanced back toward the garage door. His dad had kind of hidden behind the small wall partition before the kitchen. I could still see his head poking out and ducking back quickly, watching us. I’ve always kinda had a secret fetish for my boyfriend’s dad. He was just like an older, more sophisticated version of the man I already love. Not to mention incredibly attractive and fit for his age.

Eric had no idea that his dad had come home early. I pulled my face close to his. My scent was dripping from his chin. I kissed him hard while sucking my juices off his tongue. We sat on his mom’s kitchen island, making out and embracing each other. He started undoing his pants with one hand while squeezing me closer to him with the other.

I hesitated for a moment. I knew his dad was in the corner watching… but I was so beyond turned on at this point. I didn’t want to admit it yet, but part of the incredible hotness was being watched by his sexy dad. I wasn’t sure what to do.

Eric was rubbing his cock up against my sopping wet pussy, sliding the tip into my slit, rubbing my clit.

I lost it. I reached down and guided his long, smooth cock into my hole and clamped down on his pulsating shaft. He moaned very low in my ear as I wrapped my legs around him, pushing him further inside of me. The moment to tell him his father was home had passed, so I just let it keep going.

Have you ever known something was so wrong… but let it happen anyway just to please your secret fetish?

Feeling Mr. Mullin’s eyes burning into me, I bucked my hips harder, grinding my pelvis into Eric’s and moaning loudly. I grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face into my ample tits. I tossed my head back and took another glance. This time, I caught Mr. Mullins standing with half his body exposed from behind the partition, his hand rubbing a bulge in his khakis. I smiled as I looked back up to the ceiling, moaning while his son pounded me with his huge cock.

Eric’s body tensed up. He could feel me tightening my thighs around his waist, keeping him firmly and deeply inside of me as I felt him unload a huge wad of cum into my hungry snatch. He was breathing heavy and rested his head on my shoulder while his dick twitched inside me. But I wasn’t done. I didn’t want his dad walking out and ruining my only chance to ever be watched like this!

I pushed Eric off of me, hopped down off the island and guided him over to the side. His dad had a great peripheral view of me shoving him up against the counter and getting on my knees. I begin licking up and down his torso, caressing his thighs. I can smell my juices all over him and eagerly lick them all up, wherever they have splashed. He still hasn’t noticed his dad. His head has tipped backwards in ecstasy while I start sucking and massaging his balls.

His head tipped back in ecstasy while I sucked and massaged his balls.

I peek out my peripheral to watch his dad inching further from behind the partition to get a good look. I lap up my boyfriend’s cock in long, sensual licks all around his growing shaft. His dad shifted his weight so that he can get a better feel of his now humongous bulge in the front of his pants. Bringing my free hand to the base of Eric’s shaft, I started stroking his cock into my mouth, circling my tongue around his mushroom tip, now fully smiling at the thought of being watched.


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