Life is a Parade! As he marches by, he winks at me.

I think I’ll keep my eye on him.  A big party is held after the parade.  I’ll find him and see how long it will take me to get my hand wrapped around his cock.

He’s a tall and slender kind of guy.  Sometimes they are the ones with a nice big cock.  So all I can do is hope.

My pussy is getting wet as I walk to the party grounds!  It must be the uniforms that I’m seeing everywhere.  And MEN in all different shapes and sizes.  There is such a wide selection of color, the eyes, the hair, and the skin.

I finally spot him in the distance and I start to make my way to him.  The closer I get the more excited I get.  My pussy is getting wetter and my nipples are getting oh, so hard.

I walk to him like I know who he is and then I apologize and tell him I thought he was someone else.  And of course, he says he wishes he was the someone else.  Smiling at him, I ask him if he’d like to get a drink together.

We get a drink, find somewhere private to have some afternoon fun.

His uniform pants come unzipped very easy.  As I take his cock out, it seems I’ve hit the jackpot.

He has a very nice cock, it’s just starting to get hard with a nice mushroom head and a wonderful set of balls.

His cock is waiting for me to bring my lips to the mushroom head and suck, starting to give him a blow job that he won’t forget for a very real long time.

He reaches down and pulls me to a standing position, turning me around, bending me over, pulling my panties to the side and fingering my wet pussy.

It all started with a Parade!

Give me a call and I’ll tell you how he fucked me in so many different ways.

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