Escort trilogy the final chapter!!

Escort trilogy the final chapter. His hands slid from my shoulders down to my perky breast my nipples were hardened to a point, My eyes closed my head fell back and rested on his body pressed against me. I let his hands roll over my body his fingers roll and play with my nipples I could tell my pussy was dripping wet.

He stepped in front of me and my eyes met his gaze and his lust matched my own. His hands sliding to my waist and began to unlace my corset with liquid motion in his fingers as if he had done it a million times before and for all I knew he had. My top fell to the floor my tits bare in front of him his eyes on my tits, Mesmerized.

Escort trilogy the final chapter!!

He took his time with me enjoying every moment with me. He peeled off every piece of clothing as if I were a present. I was the best gift that he ever had. Once I was naked I walked up to him so that our bodies were touching, I ran my hand from his shoulders down to his torso. I ran my fingers along the buttons on the front of his shirt and kissed him deeply.

My fingers began unbuttoning his shirt as we kissed exploring each other’s mouths. I pushed his shirt off his shoulders and watched the cloth fall off his body like liquid. I dropped to my knees and unbuttoned his pants watching them fall to his ankles, I looked up and saw his large semi hard cock right in front of my face.

Escort trilogy the final chapter!!

I grabbed him with my hand. Looked up the long line of his lean muscled body and met his eyes as I put him in my mouth. I started with the tip licking and sucking his head slowly taking more and more of him inside my watering mouth. He grabbed my face and drew me off his long thick shaft and offered me a hand. He took me over to the bed he had me lay on my back cuffed me to the bed. I am so happy to be his escort.

Let’s do a call and act out what happens next! I hope you enjoyed reading my sex slave escort trilogy! Lets role play!! if you thought that this was hot you should check out my Gangbang story.


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