Sex slave stories, watch me get punished!

Sex slave stories, How I became an obedient submissive sex slave. I was a naughty filthy whore fucking anyone and everything before I met my master. This is my sex slave stories. I was naughty so I needed to be punished. I cheated on my master so he locked me in a cage a collar on my neck so I knew my place. There I sat in my cage just waiting to be a good girl. My master came back like 2 days later. Leaving me only a puppy pad to go to the bathroom on. After all, I was submissive not an escort.

“Look at you, your fucking disgusting” My master said in a voice that let me know he wasn’t happy with me. “Please master let me out ill be a good slave I promise,” I begged. He opened my cage and pulled me out by my hair. Dragging me on my knees till I could feel that they were rug burned. He dropped me on my knees in front of him. My eyes looking up the line of his body and when I met his eyes he slapped me in the face. Leaving a handprint on my cheek.

Sex slave stories, watch me get punished!

“I want you to show me exactly what you did when you cheated on me” His voice was full of rage. I hesitated and he slapped me again. So I put my hands on the waistline of his pants and pulled them down, Sitting up on my knees and I wrapped my mouth around his cock.

I sucked his cock milking it with my hand until I could taste his precum on my tongue. So I pulled his cock out of my mouth and took his hand leading him over to the bed. I hope you’re enjoying my sex slave stories so far.

My heart was pounding in my chest the fear in my throat, what was going to happen next. I pushed him down on the bed with a little too much force for a slave. He let me know it. “Who the fuck do you think you are,” he said giving me a look of pure dominance.

Sex slave stories, watch me get punished!

He flipped me on to my stomach spread my ass cheeks and slid his cock inside me with so much force I knew he split my ass open. “Come on you dirty fucking slut I could get more pleasure from a cheap whore” He yelled as he continued to pound my ass. Over and over again.

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