Erotic Werewolf. What’s Not Erotic About a Werewolf?

Erotic werewolf, huh? So, I’ve already written about Wolverine. And, I’ve already had some fun with a vampire girl. So, now, now it’s time to move on to the erotic werewolf transformation!

There’s this place near me called the Tram. Tram Mountain. It’s a place full of great hiking trails that stretch all the way to other cities outside the valley. This might be a little cliche, but imagine I’m walking around one of those trails dressed for summer in denim short shorts, hiking boots, and a small top that reaches just below my tits. Hey, I can still look good while I’m hiking, can’t I?

Forgetful me,

I missed the last tram car down the mountain. I got kind of lost, okay. Don’t judge me. It just so happens to be a full moon, which, at first was wonderful. Seeing where you’re going is quite nice when a wrong step can send you tumbling down a mountainside.

But, as I’m walking, humming rock songs I know, I hear some…..footsteps? The padding of paws? It’s hard to make out with the echo the rocks tend to throw around. One problem we have is coyotes so I’m getting a little nervous. Normally they don’t attack, but if they’re hungry enough they’ll go after just about anything.

I turn around and sure enough, there are glittering eyes gleaming in the shadows watching my every move. In two seconds the coyote starts barreling toward me, claws extended, hunger in its eyes, snarling. I fall…..right onto my ass as it’s flinging itself at me.

That’s when I heard the howl and see a blur streak past me and tackle the damned coyote mid-jump. Just as quickly as it had started, it’s over. What saved me turns around and I can see the shape of a wolf’s head, wolf eyes, but he’s standing on only two legs. I can also see a massive cock, looking very hard and aroused.

He starts to smile, or, maybe it’s a snarl. “I did just save your life, you know that, right?”

I nod, smiling back at him shakily. “Yeah, you did.”

In retrospect, what I should have said was what the fuck are you and why are you talking??? Guess I read too much.

Moving on.

“How are you going to repay me?” He demands.

As you boys know, I’m not innocent, not by a long shot. So, slowly I slip off my top, revealing the sports bra underneath. What? Nothing lacy? I’m sexy, but still very practical. It really doesn’t matter because all of it comes off eventually. I slowly take one article of clothing off after another, watching his fur stand up, his cock beginning to pulse. He swirls his paw in a circle, so I obediently turn around, getting on all fours, showing him my tight little pussy and my puckered asshole. Anything for this erotic werewolf that just saved my life.

I look over my shoulder behind me, catching his intense eyes. “It’s the least I could do,” I tell him.

Immediately he starts panting with excitement, getting to his knees behind me. Before shoving his throbbing cock into me, he sniffs my juicy pussy and ass, inhaling very deeply. As he plunges his cock inside me, he pushes my face into the dirt. “Play with your tits.” He growls, pumping me hard and deep.

I scream in pleasure as he fucks me.

I grab each nipple between my fingers, pull them, pinch them, twist them.

With one final thrust and a very loud howl, he ejaculates into me. I can feel his cum oozing out of my swollen pussy lips and down my inner thighs. And, I cum with him, squirting so hard I push his cock out of me.

After a long hike and a hard fuck, my eyes slowly close and before I pass out, the last thing I hear is his fast panting. So ends my encounter with an erotic werewolf.

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