Nothing gets my juices going like Wolverine…..

Wolverine? What’s so great about him? London, you DO know he’s a fictional character, right? The closest thing you’ll ever get is a guy dressed up at Comic-Con. Well, thank you for that insight. I’m fully aware of the situation. So, then why? Why Wolverine? (Not talking Mr. Jackman here either, just FYI. That’s a whole rant I’m not getting into.) Well, I’ll tell you why.

Let’s start with this. He’s hot as hell! He’s exactly my height (which, for those of you who don’t know, is 5 ft. 3 in.). The muttonchops look good on him. The bi-hawks with the chops is a pretty hot combination. For those other comic geeks out there reading this, yes, I’m fully aware that his look has changed a LOT since his creation. That being said, let’s continue.

The most attractive thing, to me, is his claws and his very primal, very dominant personality. Now, I’ve always imagined that he’d be just himself in the bedroom. Rough. Passionate. If you’ve read my Kingdom profile you’d know I have a big thing for knives.

Wolverine’s claws are a lot like them, only better.

So, I’m fast asleep in bed. I feel and hear something ripping the sheets. The sound starts at the foot of the bed, at my feet. And slowly come up the bed. I also hear heavy footsteps as though he weren’t trying to be quiet at all. I open my eyes and there he is next to me, Logan, with his right-hand claws extended. He has that lopsided half smile on his face. A mix between a playful grin and a sneer. He’s dressed in his yellow and brown outfit, his mask still on, but no gloves. I feel my pussy growing wetter by the second.

The sheets are torn up and I’m left exposed wearing only my lacy, soft pink thong and a lacy, sheer shirt in the same pink. That look. I know that look. And I know what he wants. He won’t be gentle about what he wants. He’ll just take it.

Logan trails my legs lightly with the tips of his claws. The cold metal sends shivers up my legs and vibrates up my spine only to go straight back to my pussy. My pussy that’s starting to swell. He grips my left hip with those big, strong hands and rolls me onto my back. I can feel my juices slide down my ass crack as he climbs on top of me. Wolverine grabs my wrists and uses one hand to hold them above my head.

Leaning down, pressing his lips near my ear, he whispers in a low growl “London, you are mine.”

As he says that I gasp as two of his thick fingers enter me. My wetness coats his fingers and makes a little puddle in the palm of his hand as he finger-fucks me. Hard and fast. I nearly scream as I cum, squirting all over his hand.

He gets to his knees and pulls out his cock. It’s so thick and he already has a few drops of precum dripping down his pulsing shaft. He yanks me up by my wrists and presses my full, luscious lips against his head. “Suck.” He orders in that deep, growling whisper that gets me so fucking hot! I obey, sucking on his head, licking all the precum off of him. Taking in his smell, his taste. Relishing every minute of his cock in my mouth.

Again he growls. Nothing in particular. He just growls in pleasure, pushes me back onto the bed, and shoves his cock inside me. I grit my teeth, not wanting to wake the whole mansion, but as he fucks me harder I can’t help my screams of ecstasy from escaping my throat. He growls in pleasure, almost howling. The noises he makes get me off so fast. I explode all over his hard cock. That does it for him, too. Feeling my muscles spasm around him makes him erupt inside me howling as he does; a deep, husky sound that almost makes me cum again.

Then he lays next to me, wrapping me in those protective arms, keeping me safe until the sun rises.

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