I fucked a lot in high school. There was never a moment when I didn’t have a boyfriend during that time. I was just really hormonal and always hot and ready. My body was growing and changing rapidly and my pussy would literally stay dripping wet. I would have to change panties in the middle of the school day because my pussy juice would soak my panties through out the day.

My sophomore year boyfriend absolutely loved anal sex! I mean he was obsessed with it. At first I was a little reluctant to take his cock so far up my ass, but there was one thing that made me more comfortable to receiving his cock in my tight hole.

It got to the point that the only way that I would be able to take him fully inside of me was if he lubed both my ass hole and his cock tremendously and then slammed fucked me until my eyes rolled to the back of my head. The hard fucking really engaged my pussy muscles and made me cum and squirt extremely hard. He was a big foot ball player so it took a lot for me to withstand his strength. Once we got the rhythm going I loved every rough stroke of his hard dick inside of me.

After about a month of the hard fucking though I started to suffer from side affects. My bowels became very impacted and I started not being able to take a dump on a regular basis. The abdominal pain was starting to interfere with my school work. One day it got so bad that I had to go to the school’s doctor’s office. Good thing for me Dr. Nick was able to see me immediately. Dr. Nick was a very handsome and kind doctor. He always made me feel safe with his reassuring voice and professional manner. He asked me why I was having pain and I embarrassingly told him that it was because my boyfriend had been “pounding me hard in the ass.”

This didn’t seem to shake Dr. Nick. Instead he told me that he could help me with my problem. He instructed me to go behind the curtain and completely undress. When I came out completely naked he told me to bend over on the exam table. My pain was excruciating by then so I was willing to do anything to stop it. With a very calming voice he told me to close my eyes and take deep breaths as he inserted the lubed tip of the enema inside of my shit hole. The pressure from the nozzle was intense, but Dr. Nick caressed my ass and soothed me into comfort.

He slowly released the enema and the pressure became almost unbearable. After slowly removing the enema from my ass, Dr. Nick escorted me into his bathroom. He very calmly told me to keep holding my shit until he told me it was okay to release. He sat me down on the toilet and told me to open my sweet little mouth. When it was open, he unzipped his khakis and slid his cock down my throat. He was already erect and dripping pre-cum. I gagged so hard on his dick as he fucked the back of my young throat. Tears came out of my eyes because of the gagging. As I sucked and gagged on his cock that’s when it happened.

The shit oozed from ass and into the toilet. Perfect turd logs filled the toilet as I gagged on Dr. Nick’s hard cock. It was amazing! I felt so much better after letting those shit logs release into the toilet. As soon as Dr. Nick saw that I was finally releasing he began to shoot his cum down my throat. I am forever grateful for Dr. Nick for helping me during that time. I still go back to him from time to time whenever I become too impacted. His enema therapy sessions are the best!

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