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Easy Cum Easy Blow Part 1

His cock was so soft and limp.  Kind of felt weird to touch it.  It did not stop me though.  When I grabbed it and pulled back the foreskin, I was in heaven looking at that yummy build up of creamy goodness from BFF.  I started to lick it.  I savored the taste.  I pulled my skirt up a little,  pulled the panties to the side and started to play with myself as I cleaned that dirty dick.

I wrapped my lips around his softie, and started rapidly stroking his shaft with my tongue, giving a deep hard suck!  Much to my surprise his cock was growing inside my mouth.  I felt like I was QUEEN fucking B! His own girl friend couldn’t get his cock hard, but I could haha!

I didn’t want him to wake up,  taking advantage of his while he was drunk and passed out on the floor was very hot to me.  Unfortunately, he did wake up.  But he woke up thrusting me, forcing his dick deep down my throat.  It was very intense, I think I sucked his dick harder than I have suck anyone elses cock!

He stood up and put his hand on my head and pushed me forward back to the fresh meat.  He had a really big cock.  I could hardly fit the whole thing in my mouth.  With one hard thrust he shoved his dick down my throat so deep, filling it with cum.

When he pulled out, he looked at me and smiled.  Apologized for making me eat his cum, but…. he said that my face was to pretty to cover in cream.  He only does that to his girlfriend.  I guess she looks better with her make up smeared.

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