Easy cum easy blow if you may.   I bet you love a good cock sucking.  A twirl to the tip, and licky lick on that fat mushroom head leaving  you weak, trembling for more.

You won’t just say more please Miss. Caden…. You will be begging in between gasp of air for a deeper thrust into my throat.  A harder suck from  my lips.  A longer stroke from my tongue.  Taking your breath away as I give you a hard-core skull fucking like no other little princess has before.

Blowing your mind is what I will do.  I love being that hot tea bagging slut.  Let the balls bounce around my lips and slap my chin.  I can be a little aggressive sometimes.  Like this one time….

It was the Winter Ball my sophmore year at school.  My BFF had disappeared for a bit, but when she came back she was laughing because her boyfriend had whiskey dick.  Apparently, she had left him almost passed out in the Art Room.  I of course laughed with her, but I was laughing because I had a different plan.

You see, I had a little crush on my BFF at the time.  I fucked myself to images of her sitting on my face dripping hot juices all over me.  So, I had excused myself and found her drunken BF.  It was hilarious because I could see is cock just sticking out of his zipper.  So, my little perverted mind was like what an easy way to taste her sweet pussy juice.

Awe….am I leaving you hanging???  Guess you will just have to come back for part 2!

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