Dogging and Piking: How Very Naughty Indeed!

Now, I am going to talk about something that certain naughty Brits engage in – an activity called dogging and piking. But it has absolutely nothing to do with canines or angling. Well, not unless you’re particularly kinky!

Let’s just say an innocent walk in the woods may turn into quite something else…

A Little Bit of History

Now all you randy readers, imagine Miss Emily as your tantalising teacher. All prim and proper and ready to give you a good spanking if you’re not listening in class. Do I have your undivided attention? If so, then read on!

The term “dogging” has been around for decades. Once used in reference to people (mostly always men) watching couples having sex around the railways – stations, trains, and tracks. It later became used to refer to the people actually having the sex. The term “piking” then referred to the voyeurs.

As time moved on, truckers, or lorry drivers as we call them in Blighty, have been very active in the dogging and piking community. Just as a sailor has a woman in every port, lorry drivers have a bit of skirt at every motorway services.

For those truckers that don’t have a fuckbuddy or cannot get “a lady of the night”, dogging and piking is their go-to place for filthy fun on the move.

With the arrival of the internet, it has now also become easier to arrange meetings. Understandably, that has also brought unwanted attention and more specifically, police intervention. Bloody spoilsports!

Look Who’s Got Wood In The Woods…

So what actually happens? Well, it’s usually couples parking their vehicle in a quiet wooded area and then “inviting” others to watch them fuck.

The voyeurs are usually always alone and male. The main aim of doggers is to have sex in front of other people, in a secluded outdoor place.

There are codes to let the pikers know what is acceptable. A light turned on indicates you can watch. Open windows allow touching and car doors or the boot (trunk) open if it is an estate (station wagon) or SUV, suggests you may participate.

To keep their anonymity, some people wear a mask, however, not all participants are masked, particularly the voyeurs. And it isn’t always women getting fucked. It may be transexuals and occasionally men, though gay men usually meet in public toilets in parks – cottaging.

Often the person getting fucked will have their bottom half right up to the edge of the door/window, with their legs hanging out. Dicks can be pushed through the window for sucking or wanking (jerking off).

Men form a queue (a line) and await their turn. They may be fucking a tasty teen temptress or a slutty old slag. Some unlucky (or just plain ugly or small-dicked men) will be waiting in line forever. As always, the well-hung are more in demand. But for many women, they really don’t care – a dick is a dick.

Men offering their women up for the biggest dick, BBCs, bukkake – it’s all going on. So I suppose you could say dogging and piking is part swingers club and part gloryhole!


As the UK is a fairly small country, not all meets are as out of the way and off the beaten track as they should be. So, just when you decide to take your dog for a walk in the woods, you unexpectedly come across people hanging out of cars and shagging the living daylights out of each other.

What should you do? Scamper away or rip off your knickers, throwing caution to the wind? And that is just what happens occasionally, as not all rendez-vous are at night. Unsuspecting old grannies coming across cum-filled sluts and dirty old perves whilst walking their Pekingnese. Oh, how I would love to see the old ladies’ faces!!  How many more go back for a second look?

And of course, the boys in blue may turn up, and probably after wanking behind a tree, call the cum circus to an end, sending everybody home…

When There’s A Light On….

Going back to the truckers, I hear tales of them just pulling up in roadside lay-bys in the middle of the night and seeing a couple ahead with their lights on and windows open. A cock thrust through the window gets a good sucking by the masked lady while her cum-filled pussy takes a firm fingering.

I dread to think what would happen if a pair of those innocent old grannies had car trouble. While waiting for The AA (The AAA to you) a dick pops through the window!

All Hail Dogging And Piking!

And so that brings us to the end of our lesson on dogging and piking. Thank you for attending class today you handsome beasts! I hope you enjoyed learning about British culture and traditions and that debauched percentage of the population that love getting their rocks off in public!

And just remember, next time you are watching Broadchurch, Vera or Sherlock, imagine which of the actresses are donning their masquerade masks and spreading their legs in the woods. Just a thought…

Why not give your favourite English teacher a call and take a lesson in lust!