Jemima, The Tasty Teen Temptress

School summer holidays brought all kinds of surprises. My best friend, Jemima, another tasty teen temptress, called me one summer’s day. She was very excited and by the time she’d finished telling me her news, so was I!

Oh my, I remember the gardener at their family home, an older man but with a really toned body from all of the hard manual work he did. In fact, Jemima and I used to touch each other as we talked about the perverted things he would do to us in his work shed.

What Was That Sticking Out Of The Shed?

Anyway, where were we? Jemima said that she had taken a walk in the gardens that morning. She was hoping to see the gardener and tease him in her very short skirt and tight white blouse. It’s something we often did and we loved seeing the resulting bulge in his pants! What teasing teens we were!

As she was walking, tasty teen temptress, Jemima, saw the maid heading in the same direction. Inquisitive, she wondered where the maid was going?

The maid approached the gardener’s shed and knelt down next to the shed door. How strange! Intrigued, Jemima hid behind a tree to see what was going on. Suddenly, she saw a man’s penis pop out through a hole in the door! Just like the naughty neighbour’s gloryhole in my garden! Without a word spoken, the eager maid took his hard throbbing cock in her mouth and started to suck it! Sucking, slurping, and gobbling like a greedy girl with a lollipop.

Learning To Suck Cock

Jemima was instantly turned on watching the maid take the cock, deep into her mouth. As she watched the sexy spectacle, she lifted her skirt and buried her fingers into her young pussy, rubbing her clit with her other hand. She got lost in the moment, watching the maid use her mouth to pleasure that sexy thick long cock! 

Jemima, a typical tasty teen temptress, had dreamed about doing this. We often shared our fantasies about the gardener and she wished she was there on her knees, instead of the maid!

So engrossed was Jemima that she didn’t hear as someone came up behind her. It was the gardener! By the time she saw him, it was too late. Trying so hard to cover herself up,  there was nothing she could do to retain her modesty. He didn’t say a word, just took her by her shoulders and pushed her down onto her knees.

The grimy gardener took out his cock with his grubby hands and pushed it into Jemima’s mouth. She didn’t know what to do but tried to follow what the maid was doing. She must have been doing something right as the gardener was soon groaning with pleasure!

Jemima was very wet and eased her fingers back into her very wet pussy. His groans were getting louder as she worked his cock with her mouth. Sucking and slurping just like the maid, the tasty teen temptress was soon getting the hang of cock sucking.

Sharing Cum With The Maid

Throwing his head back, the gardener let out a string of expletives, along with the contents of his balls – straight into her mouth. She didn’t know what to do! Spit it out or swallow! But she didn’t need to worry…

All of a sudden, the gardener took her by the hand and led her over to the shed, instructing her to kiss the maid full on the mouth. How amazing learning to French-kiss another woman with a mouth full of cum!

The mucky maid then told Jemima to try sucking the cock that was jutting out through the hole in the door. It was much bigger than the gardener’s cock, Jemima started gagging a little as she tried to take it deep. The maid was telling her what to do and she was soon taking the huge hard cock deep into her throat.

As the maid was directing Jemima, she was touching her at the same time. Stroking her firm teen tits and fingering her sweet young pussy. It felt amazing and Jemima came, very hard, within seconds. And so did the cock! Again, Jemima took another huge hot load of horny cum in her mouth. As instructed, she kissed the maid again. OMG, it was so hot!

And A Little Surprise Ending….

While recovering from her sexy outdoor fun with the hired help, the door of the shed opened. Poor Jemima wasn’t expecting who was standing before her! She didn’t know who was more shocked, herself or her older brother…