Dog Sitting Can Be Fun

A friend of mine was going away for a few days out of town to a family wedding.  And she didn’t really want to afford the expense of boarding her dog at the kennel for three days, as they aren’t cheap. I offered to help her out and keep her dog while she was away. She gave me all his food supplies and all I had to do was keep an eye on him. I had to feed him and take him out a couple of times a day and walk him. I had no idea how much fun I was actually going to have.

He was a nice dog. I’d met him several times and liked him and he seemed to like me too, a golden lab. I picked him up and took him home just as she was being picked up by her cab to the airport. We got home and I made myself dinner and gave him his food.  And he followed me upstairs when I went up, I’d had a long, tiring day. I was working as a nurse at the time . I just wanted to shower and get into bed.

He looked at me from the floor as I undressed and studied me. I was naked, and before heading into he bathroom, I saw I’d left a necklace I’d tried on this morning on the upper corner of the bed .  And I thought sure as anything if I left it there he might try and swallow it and hurt himself or something. I crawled up on the bed on all fours to reach over to the far corner. My ass was up in the air, reaching . and I felt something land on the bed and realized it was King having jumped up on the bed.



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I Felt A Warm, Wet Tongue Start To Lick At Me

I looked over my shoulder and didn’t think much of it, when all of a sudden I felt a cold, wet nose on my pussy. And I flinched and let out a bit of a yelp of surprise.   I went to move away and lurched forward a bit, when he pushed in closer.   And all of a sudden I felt a warm, wet tongue start to lick at me. And I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do.

But it kind of felt good and I didn’t try and move away.   I just leaned there on my elbows, ass up in the air and let this dog lick me from behind. And  I could feel my pussy lips parting and opening and my clit grow stiff as this tongue keep licking at me and I just closed my eyes and let him do it. I felt so guilty as I came a few moments later and then went into the shower.

His Tongue Was So Long And Wet

The next day as I took King out for his walk and then brought him back in the house.   I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d done the night before. And I wanted to do it again. I went to the kitchen and got a jar of peanut putter and brought it into the living room. So  I stripped down and scooched over to the very edge of the sofa.   Then took some of the peanut butter on my fingers.  and I smeared it on my clit and held my cunt lips open and called him to come over to me. Like a good boy, he came right over and as expected was very interested in the peanut butter and lapped at my clit licking it off. Fuck it felt good, his tongue was just different than a man’s and I liked the way it felt very much.

He Had A Huge Doggie Cock

My juices were mingling with the peanut butter and he loved licking me out and again.  it wasn’t long until I came and he didn’t stop licking until I was finished Cumming a couple of times. The dog was obviously liking this .  His huge doggy cock was sticking out of its sheath.  It was bright red and totally dripping doggie juices and at times he was humping the air! Fuck! Poor boy!
It was only fair that I help the dog Out.So I reached between his legs and got a gentle grip on his stiff doggie dick and I let him
hump fiercely into my fist.He was pretty strong and super horny. I held on and I could feel him juices squirting all over my tits.. Until he was he was spent and exhausted but obviously satisfied.

This went on every day a couple of times until my friend returned.  I was going to volunteer again the next time she needed a sitter.  And I think I might even get my own dog. that feeling of cunnilingus on demand is too good to pass up. I will take care of the dog and he will take care of me. Kinky shit…lol (a fantasy of course) ?

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