There He Was Begging For Help From Nurse Casey

I’ve been working as a nurse at a clinic .And I see all kinds of different patients in a day with all sorts of complaints. But last night I was just closing up and this middle aged businessman comes rushing over to me.And as I’m locking the door and begs for me to let him inside. And I ask what the problem is, and he nervously looks around to make sure no one else can hear. And he said he’s having an embarrassing problem and he wondered if I might be of assistance.So I ask what is it and he points down to this tent in his pants.Then he says he took a Viagra several hours ago and his erection will not go down and he’s worried.

He Needed Help With His Immense Penis

I tried to stifle a giggle. I know I shouldn’t laugh in a case like this.But the poor man really was in discomfort and I tell him to go into one of the rooms and sit down. And I looked around, but the doctor that gives the injections that condition calls for had already left. Since  I as a nurse was not authorized to give such injections myself. And he was begging me to help him. His penis was already purple and
he was concerned about permanent damage of some kind.

He Definitely Needed To Cum

I didn’t know what else to suggest except the obvious. We have to get you to ejaculate for this to go away. And he said he’d been trying for hours to cum through masturbation, but it wasn’t happening.

I said I could help if he wanted. He eagerly accepted my offer of help and I put a pair of latex gloves on and asked if I could touch it, he said yes, of course, please do anything you can nurse. I will be forever grateful. And I grasped it in my hand and it was indeed like a steel pipe it was so hard. I began to pump it up and down. I was giving this young guy a hot hand job !  And little drops of precum formed at the head of his overly engorged cock. And he looked to relax a little as my hand slowly and rhythmically pumped it up and down. From the tip to the base and back again.

I Cupped And Massaged His Balls Casey nurse2

I cupped and massaged his balls in my one hand. While I worked his turgid shaft in the other. And it really was in an unnatural state of hardness, we had t get him to ejaculate to prevent damage. So I increased my tempo and began tugging on it in earnest, determined to make him squirt. He began to moan and groan as I worked my fast moving hands over his genitals.

I decided to help us to our goal as I unbuttoned my uniform. And exposed my nice big tits in my overflowing bra.He stared at my tits in shock at first .But it definitely got his attention.I then unhooked my bra and placed his cock in between my tits.I was doing my best to get him to cum.He was breathing so heavy as he stared at my tits and he groaned. He said he thought he might be able to and a few more quick tugs and he shot all over my tits and grunted and slumped back.

I could finally see the purple color drain out of his cock as the erection subsided. And I knew the crisis of possible permanent penis damage was averted. I wiped his cum off my tits with a sly smile. And he left, slightly embarrassed as he said I was the kindest nurse he’d ever met. I smiled and locked up the clinic and went home, happy I done my best to alleviate suffering, even if in my own small way.Another sexy adventure with Nurse Casey!

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