Everyone loves a dirty little cocksucker.

It helps that I’m a SPECTACULAR  cocksucker. 🙂 In school, I was always the most sexually mature girl in my class. While the other girls were busy giggling ABOUT boys, I was busy getting down on my knees in the library and brushing up on my oral skills! I don’t think I ever cracked a book in the library, but I was certainly well schooled there! I recently went back to my old school to visit my favorite teacher there.

Unfortunately she wasn’t working that day, so I couldn’t invite her out to lunch, which had been my plan. Now I had all afternoon to kill, and nothing to do! I walked through the quad and wondered, “what now?”  I looked around, starting to realize all the hot young guys walking around the school! It was class change, and looking at some of these young guys, it’s hard to believe they are 16, 17, 18 years old! SO fucking hot! Hard bodies and extra hard cocks everywhere! I had to cross my legs, I was starting to get turned on! I also start to notice that THEY are starting to notice ME, as well!

My mouth started to water for one of their big fat cocks; as sometimes happens when you’re an avid cocksucker!

The crowd was thinning out, and I looked down at my lap and realized how tight my legs were locked together and laughed. All worked up and nowhere to go! That’s when I noticed HIM staring at me. Bright green eyes, dark hair, and super firm and muscular body. YUM. He was looking me up and down intently, and I stared back, not even trying to hide the fact that I was checking out his package. Which was very large, and getting bigger by the moment!

He winked at me! And instead of walking over TO me, he walked away, looking back and motioning his head towards me, indicating that if I’m interested in… whatever he has in mind, I should probably follow him. I had NO idea where he was taking me, but I followed along more than willingly! He took one last look at me before he walked into the boy’s bathroom door. It had been AGES since I was down on my knees in a school bathroom. Just like old times! I was a good little cocksucker in school, too! The nostalgia continued as entered the bathroom and got straight down onto my knees…

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