Detailed Sex Story Of How I Blew The Postman While Blowed!

Detailed sex story adventures often start out with a little bit of seduction. However, today it’s going to start out with me waking up with a giant fat blunt in my hand. I stretch topless wearing nothing but some white cotton panties and knee-high socks from the night before. After lighting my fatty I decide to turn on some tunes and get started on some light housework. Although, after being interrupted by a knock on the door I stopped what I was doing and open it up. On the other side was a mail carrier, with a package just for me. Although, he was a bit stunned to see such a hot topless babe right in front of him. After all, I’m sure you would feel the same way.

Detailed Sex Story Of How I Blew The Postman While Blowed!

So I invited him inside to set down the rather large package that I obviously wasn’t going to carry it myself. His jaw was dropped to the floor as he watched me walk in front of him. My sexy ass cheeks were holding either side of those panties I mentioned. I giggled looking at the extended pleat in his pants from the size of his extending boner. Taunting him, I encouraged him to pull his dick out and stroke it for me. Like the devil on his shoulder I wanted him to feel that pleasure. Then, I inhaled off my blunt again taking the thick white smoke deep into my lungs before blowing it into his face. He shotgunned the smoke from me and began jerking on the front of his pants. He was getting turned on, and that was something I definitely wanted. After all, I was bored and what better way to start my day than fucking the postman.

 However, after he took that monster out of his pants my attention wasn’t on him jerking off but tasting him on my tongue instead.

Therefore, getting down onto my knees and I started slurping up and down the full length of his cock. Honestly, I was totally turned on with how into it he was. Surely he had fantasized about this time and time again, taking a hot babe who answers the door topless. I know if I was in any sort of delivery service I would want to jump on as much dick as possible. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his throbbing hard cock in the back of my throat fucking my face like it was a fleshlight. I whimpered as spit and slobber dribbled down my chest and coated my perfect tits. As I spread my legs apart I began to stuff my fingers down those panties playing with my clit.

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As moans left his lips he cried out how much better than his wife I was. I looked up at him with my sweet little brown eyes and encouraged him to stroke his cock and cum for me. Flicking my tongue across the tip I continued to plead and beg for his load. After all, his groans were getting louder and breathing a little heavier. He was so into it, and for me, that made it even hotter.  Finally, after the best cocksucking and jack off instruction, he blew, stumbling back with the sheer force of his load. Safe to say he will be hitting my route from now on.