Your Cuckold Surprise: I’ve seen how that how rock hard that dick gets, whenever you watch me teasing other guys. I know how badly you need to be cucked, so I often shamelessly flirt with everyone at the party, just to make you ache with unfulfilled lust.

Cuckold – I’ve been tormenting you for weeks. At this point, all I have to do is *smile* at another guy and your hard-on instantly bulges the front of your jeans. You’re trying to front like my blatant flirting doesn’t affect you. We know better though, don’t we? ~naughty grin~

Furthermore, recently I even made sure that you “accidentally” caught a glimpse of me having hot sex cam session with a boyfriend. Oops! LMAO

Dancing with my girls out on the dance floor makes it even worse. It’s obvious that you’re about to lose your fucking mind. Mmm, I’ve been having SO much fun!

So, last night I decided to make your cuckold phone sex dreams real.

After all, a guy’s first time cuckold experience should be special, don’t you think? But it wasn’t *quite* in the way you were expecting!

I’d been babysitting the kids while you and your wife attended a company dinner. Arriving home quite late and a little too buzzed to drive me home, the two of you ask me to stay the night.

Your wife invites me to come out onto the deck to soak in the jacuzzi. Casually stripping off her clothes, she slides into the hot, bubbling water with a moan of pleasure, beckoning me to join her. Since I didn’t have a suit anyway, this was the perfect opportunity!

Could your cuckold fantasy be coming true? You watch us from the window. I follow your wife into the hot tub, sinking down blissfully onto a seat nearby.

Meanwhile, you bring out glasses of chilled wine for the three of us to sip while we relax. I notice that you’re trying not to stare at my and your wife’s firm breasts as the jacuzzi’s jets make them gently yet tantalizingly bob up and down. I smile to myself, watching as you strip. As you step into the hot tub, there’s no hiding your obvious cuckold erection.

What happens next? Watch for Part 2, “cumming” soon!

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