First time cuckold – Yes, that’s YOU, Panty Boy! Didn’t think I knew you were watching me, did you? Caught you in the act, you dirty perv!

First time cuckold – you’re all SO fun to “break in,” so to speak! You’re my sexy, older next door neighbor who’s been watching me lately. That’s right, did you think I haven’t noticed you perving me through my bedroom window? Matter of fact, I’ve been totally tormenting you.

First of all, I love stripping nude in front of the window, knowing you’re watching my every move.

Second, it drives me wild to rub my young clitty while spreading my tanned, toned thighs wide. After all, it’s important to provide you with the best possible viewing angle, right?

Next, I can’t get enough of playing with my hot girlfriends practically in front of you. Just how hard do you jerk off to the sight of two college girls gone wild? Mmm, did you enjoy watching us hungrily lick each other’s dripping pussies, cuck?

However, my absolute favorite thing is making certain my curtains are open wide so that you can see the main event.

What is that, you ask? Why, bouncing on my boyfriends’ thick, hard cocks, of course! No, that wasn’t a typo. Of course, you KNOW that I meant multiple men, didn’t you?

First time cuckold: It’s super entertaining to toy with you, cuckie!

Lately, I’ve been leaving little gifts on your doorstep while you’re at work. Which one has been your favorite so far, do you think? For example, the first surprise gift was a pair of my pink, lacy thong panties. To clarify, you came home to find them hanging from your front door knob.

As I secretly watched, you pressed my pretty panties to your face.

With this in mind, you took a deep sniff. Then you went inside, no doubt to jerk off with them! Admit it, baby. Just how HARD did you blow your load while inhaling my sweet, musky pussy scent?

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