Your Cuckold Surprise: While you watch our naked bodies settle into the bubbling waters of the hot tub, you realize that your wife and your babysitter are about to make your cuckold dreams come true.

Cuckold, so yummy … As the wine removes the last of our inhibitions, your wife gradually moves closer to me, until we’re practically touching. Reaching to brush a stray tendril of wet hair from my cheek, she suddenly captures my lips with hers for a long, steamy kiss, drawing me into her lap.

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Omg yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for. Even better, I know you’re watching. Purring, our kisses quickly grow so passionate that we’re both moaning and gasping as our hands roam each other’s wet, slick bodies.

Turning in your wife’s arms to face you, I lean back from my seated position between her sleek thighs. Her hands gently cupping my young titties, she makes me arch and whimper.  While we float together in the steaming, bubbling water, she toys with my achingly erect, pink nipples. I “try” to stifle my sensuous moans of pleasure, but not really.

You groan from your spot across from us. The swollen, purple crown of your enormous erection crests the water’s surface, slowly moving back and forth as you grip your dick in one fist, obviously stroking it.

As you watch my glossy wet lips meet hers in another searing kiss, you realize that we have ZERO interest in your participation.

Your wife and I pause in our passionate lovemaking, enjoying your shocked yet aroused expression as we smirk at you.

“Oh, hoping I’ll allow you to join us, honey? First of all, did you think I’ve never noticed your raging hard on whenever Angel’s around?” your wife laughs.

“Until now, I guess you thought you’d play a starring role in one of Angel’s cheating sex stories, didn’t you? On the contrary, baby … she’s all MINE now.”

Your wife purrs as I bury my face between her thighs. Making sure you’ve got the perfect view of my hungry tongue, I lavish her pussy with long licks as I lap up her sweet juices.

Your cuckold surprise: You’re not allowed to participate? In spite of yourself, you’re excited that all you’re allowed to do is watch us and jerk off. Exactly what you needed.

In essence, you obviously cannot believe your good fortune. Indeed, you never dreamed that your wife and girlfriend would cuckold you together!

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