Sex Games: Truth or Dare Hot Phone Sex with Kinky Goddess Angel – What happens when you play with an ultra-erotic college girl who has NO limits whatsoever …

Have you ever wondered what to say during phone sex? Well, have you ever played phone sex games with no limits?? Limits? WHAT are those? Indeed, I’d love to push yours. Seriously, I should “cum” with a disclaimer!

In any event, playing “Truth or Dare” is a great way to get to know each other. With a roll of the dice, you could find yourself telling me ALL of your dirty little secrets. Not only that, you may even reveal your deepest, darkest hardcore sex fantasies!

You’ll confess to me in the end anyway. In reality, you know you already want to tell me every single secret urge you’ve ever had. So why fight it?

At the same time, perhaps you’ll learn a few of my most secret, yet wickedest urges. No limits here, remember? Can you imagine what kind of filthy, kinky things you’ll learn about me, one of the naughtiest college girls you’ll ever talk to?

As a matter of fact, if telling dirty stories to each other gets us both so hot and hungry that you absolutely MUST have that sizzling phone sex release? Just imagine just how utterly satisfying it will be for us both.

On the other hand, you could choose “Dare.” Will you dare to meet whatever deviant challenge I devise? Or, will *I* be the one who chooses the dare instead of the truth?

Sex Games: The dirtier the secret, the more excited we’ll both become. The more wicked the dare, the more tempted we’ll both be.

Just writing about this is making me soak the lacy panties I’m wearing right now!

Be warned, though … You may get way more than you bargained for! In a word, I DARE you. I’m a wild girl who craves erotic adventure and will stop at NOTHING to reach that ultimate phone sex satisfaction with you.

Do you DARE to call me? Let’s get this party started, baby!

Your daring, kinky Goddess,

Your Wicked Angel


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