Public Sex Stories is all about one of my first let’s-get-naughty-in-public experiences, back when I was just barely 18.

Public Sex Stories: It was the end of a sizzling night at the hottest new dance party and I caught a taxi home from campus. I’d had more than a few and I felt extremely good! The taxi arrived, with a sexy older guy at the wheel. You probably already know that I have this total craving for older men, right?

If not, you do now! Anyway, he even got out to open the door for me, giving me a good view of his very lickable lips. Sure, that’s what I was looking at. His lips. *laughs*

His sexy gaze roamed my barely legal, clubwear-clad body as if I were the most decadent dessert he’d ever seen. I could tell he wanted to devour me on the spot. I wore silky, black thigh high stockings that framed my legs to perfection. Coupled with my black stiletto fuck-me pumps, it was clear that I was one of those young girls, straight out of one of those college sex stories. I gave him a saucy smile as I slid into his back seat.

Suddenly, two guys ran up to the car, saying they missed their train. They introduced themselves and tried to sweet-talk me into letting them share my ride.

Looking their hard bodies up and down, I licked my juicy pink lips and smiled, wriggling a ringed, crimson-nailed finger in a “cum-hither” gesture.

Jake and Brendan each grabbed a car door, jumping in on either side so that I was squeezed between them in the back seat. Both were at least 6’1″, so I was like a tiny doll next to them. With this in mind, Jake offered me his lap as I giggled, taking my time to find a “comfortable spot” over the instant bulge in his jeans.

Unable to resist, Brendan leaned over to kiss me hungrily. His tongue aggressively parted my hungry lips to explore my hot little mouth. I moaned with pleasure into that devouring kiss, unaware that I’d already begun grinding myself against Jake’s fabric-covered, engorged fuck stick as a result.

In the meantime, two pairs of large male hands groped and squeezed every inch of my 18-year-old, petite body.

Tearing his lips away for a moment, Brendan looked downward as he unbuckled his belt. I glanced toward the front of the car. Someone cupped one of my aching breasts. By the time someone else slipped a hand down the front of my panties to rub my intensely throbbing clit, my eyes closed and my lips parted as I groaned.

Public Sex Stories: Opening my eyes, I realized that we’d been stopped outside my place for quite some time as the driver intently watched us in his rearview mirror.

All of a sudden, the driver’s lustful stare completely captured me. Mesmerized, I found myself unable to look away. As I writhed and moaned, I found myself vaguely wondering if he was into cuckolding! Mmm, hot! At the same time, my two lovers continued to urgently toy with my almost unbearably aroused young body.

I am SO tempted to tell you what happened next, but … I think I’ll save that for next time. Who knew that public sex stories phone sex could be so titillating, right? *wicked grin* Do you think I banged and blew both guys in the back seat while the driver jerked himself off to our public sex fuckfest? Even more exciting, what if all three of them followed me upstairs for an incredibly naughty gang bang?

Meanwhile, I *know* that cock is hard and ready for me, baby. Are you aching to hear the rest of this taboo phone sex story without delay? You don’t have to wait for Part 2. Better yet, let’s role play it over the phone!

Are you ready to cum HARD together?

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