Cuckolding – The kinky sex adventure continues!

Cuckolding my boyfriend is always super erotic. If you’ve ever watched cuckold porn, it’s probably looked a lot like this! Did you miss the start of this slutty cuckold party? Click on the bold text in order to begin!

When we ended last time, our taxi driver was feasting upon my juicy, shaved pussy. It felt SO fucking good!

I moaned as I looked over at my boyfriend Dylan, my excitement shooting even higher as I realized he could see everything that Tyler was doing to me. This hardcore sex was amazing and we couldn’t get enough!

I gasped as a couple of Tyler’s clever fingers deftly invaded the dripping folds of my tight little fuckhole. Another hand reached up to find one of my throbbing nipples, rolling the aching bud between his fingers.

Body on fire, I writhed on the bed.

Indeed, I happily drowned in multiple sensations as Tyler played my body like a finely-tuned instrument. The need was growing so intense that it was almost unbearable! Dylan watched through half-closed eyes as he jerked his nearly purple cock in long, hard strokes. Indeed, I could tell that he was close. Omg, so was I.

Tyler suddenly stopped and flipped me over onto my hands and knees. He made sure to position us so that Dylan could see whatever we were about to do next. I beckoned to Dylan, urging him to move closer.

Pushing my firm ass high as Tyler pushed my thighs wide apart, I realized that I was so fucking aroused that I didn’t care which hole he chose first!

Determined not to miss a second of the action, Dylan leaned against me, his chin resting over the cleft of my ass. Of course, that meant he had a “cuckold’s-eye view” of the enormously swollen shaft that was about to ram its way inside me.

Cuckolding - Angel 888-258-8591

Baby, what I want … No, what I ~need~ is for you to “encourage” Tyler to ravage me with his meaty, rock-hard fuckstick. What do I mean by “encourage?”

It’s essential that you do EVERYTHING possible to ensure that Tyler makes me SCREAM. Of course, whatever it takes.

Hungry yet, cuck? Then be sure to call me NOW for the ULTIMATE in EXTREMEno limits Adult Chat!

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Angel 888-258-8591

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