Santa, have a got a wish-list for you this year.

I will never say I’m perfect but I always do my best to be a “good girl” and put others needs before my own.  Since my husband’s job is demanding on him both physically and mentally and, since it’s the season of giving. I think I need to be a little selfish for santa.

I want to cum over and over and have a lot of great sex.  If my husband won’t make either possible, I’d like you to bring me a man who will.  If you can’t put a man on your sleigh, then Santa, I think you should give it to me yourself.

Santa, I want to suck your nice, stiff cock!  I want you to crawl upon my body, straddle my face, and slide your meat between my lips.  Then, I want to lick and tease your cum-filled sack as I slide my finger into your asshole.  Next, I’ll take your cock all the way into my throat.

Santa, I want you to lick my clit and bury your tongue in my pussy!  I want to feel your tongue flicking across my hard little nub.  While you do this, slip a couple fingers in my wet hole.  I want to feel you prepare my snatch for your grand entrance!

Santa, I want you to put your slick cock into my pussy and ass!  I want you to put my ankles over your shoulders and drive that dick into me repeatedly until I cream that hard-working pole between your legs.

There aren’t any little ones to spy on us Santa so, once you’ve finished making your deliveries, point Rudolph back this way.  You can slide right into my hot chimney, eat my cookies, drink my milk, and (after I get my presents) be on your merry way.

Phone Sex Girls!