My Sissy Boy Gets Forced to Suck Cock Like A Girl

My little sissy boy Alex loves dressing up in naughty little outfits and forced to fuck anyone, I demand him to fuck. My favorite time with Alex was a few weeks ago when he came to my house to get “pretty up” for a date. What he didn’t realize, I had other plans in store for his tight man pussy ass.

Alex was desperate and time was of the essence. I knew he would fall to his weakness, as he fell to my demanding mercy. There would be nothing he wouldn’t do to make sissy boy fetish a reality. He would need to play by my rules “You are not going on any date Alex. I’m setting you up to get that little man pussy of yours penetrated tonight” I said snickering. Before he arrived, I placed a few ads on Craigslist – it read Girlie sissy boy dying to suck cock and be penetrated.

“Mistress, I have a date tonight” he whimpered like a bitch. “No You’re getting fucked tonight” I said. I loved forcing Alex to push himself to the edge. Sometimes to the point of no return. “Go get my make up bag. Make sure you get my pink blush, bright pink lipstick, and mascara.” Alex sat in a chair, as I transformed him into a pretty girlie man. His face glowed with excitement. He was a very good-looking sissy in no time. The next step was dressing him to play the part of Alex. I started with the sexy under garments. I wanted him to have the complete sissy boy experience. Transforming his into a sexy bitch dressing him in bra, panties, stocking and heels. Alex looked perfect as she slipped into he black sexy dress.

Finally transformed, “Where do I go to meet with the men Mistress?” he asked in a nervous voice. “You are not going anywhere to meet anyone. They are coming to you.” I said snickering tone. Alex and I left my house and headed toward the hotel that was only 5 minutes away from my house. I had Alex get a room for the night. Alex kept checking herself out in the mirror. He couldn’t believe just how good she looked. I could tell he was getting very excited.

While we waited for the first customer to arrive, I continued texting everyone who responded to the ad. After about 30 minutes, my cell phone rang and I heard a deep voice on the other end say “I’m outside.” Alex opened the door and invited him the stranger into our naughty party.  As soon as the man entered the hotel room, he commanded Alex to drop to her knees and get to work.  Slowly Alex pulled down the strangers pants and sucked his cock like he was trying to get to the creamy center of a lollipop.  He sucked it like a hungry animal starving for his last meal.  Slipping the cock in and out of his mouth, taking every inch deeper and deeper until the stranger was rock hard.  Without skipping a beat, the stranger pulled Alex’s dress up and slid his thong to the side, relentlessly fucked his tiny little man pussy hole. After the stranger came in Alex’s asshole, he zipped up his pants and left. “Mistress that big cock made me want more” he excitedly said. “Don’t worry Alex. You still have fifteen more dicks to please” I laughed. Forcing Alex to be a cock sucking little bitch was just the beginning.  Want to know more details or want to explore your personal forced bi adventure – Call Me

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